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Who Won the Women’s Olympic XC MTB?

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There were quietly high hopes that Britain’s Evie Richards would manage to grab a podium place. Taking advantage of a few literal slip ups on the course – it had rained overnight and changed the conditions significantly from the men’s race the day before – Richards did manage to get near the front of the race, but never went past leader Jolanda Neff.

Screenshot credits: BBC

Even racing legend Pauline Ferrand-Prevot came a cropper on the slippery course, having a nasty time sucking tumble on a rocky incline and seeing her bike fall back down the hill. Prevot put in a very impressive effort to catch back up with the chase groups, but couldn’t catch the Swiss one-two-three of Jolanda Neff, Sina Frei and Linda Indergand.

Neff’s technical skills – and perhaps wise choice of dropper post – saw her out in front and dominant, with team mates Frei and Indergand battling it out for the silver and bronze medals. All the way round the final lap they swapped places, but in the end it was Frei that took the silver. Evie Richards finished in 7th place, off the podium, but still an excellent result, Ferrand-Prevot was 10th.

The Swiss 1-2-3 should certainly help the Swiss disappointment with yesterday’s results in the men’s race.

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  • Who Won the Women’s Olympic XC MTB?
  • Trimix
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    Why did they put the ramp in place – most, if not all, the women jumped clear of the ramp anyway. Seemed unnecessary. What happened to Lecompt ? She was the favourite, but seemed to struggle.

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    I have to admit, I was a bit surprised to see the ramp, the riders are all good technically so it seemed unnecessary at best. There was some good racing there and Evie Richards seemed to really enjoy it; she was beaming when she crossed the finish line. Congrats to Jolanda Neff; she deserved it.

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    Great to see Neff back and great ride by Evie.
    That ramp…again! This time having it in nearly caused Neff to crash avoiding PFP as she braked to roll it. But Neff saved it like a champ. Awesome.

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    Why did they put the ramp in place – most, if not all, the women jumped clear of the ramp anyway

    Haven’t watched the ladies race, but would this be the same ramp that Mathieu van der Poel was expecting to be there (but wasn’t) in the mens race yesterday?

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    it was a strange claim he expected the ramp, as every other rider seemed prepared in the mens race, isnt raicing about the fastest line, rolling the ramp aint fast

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    isnt raicing about the fastest line, rolling the ramp aint fast

    a little prejump and landing on the wooden downslope could be quicker than slamming to flat(ish).

    quickest line demonstrated by schurter and neff (but few others) is to clear the rocks completely.

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    I think the weather was to blame for the re-appearance of the ramp. Part of the wet weather protocol

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    ajaydoubleyou it wasnt a flatish landing.

    i uploaded this video from a spectator, if they clear the rock landing, they’ve are down the slope.

    as you say he looks to bunnyhop too early, which could be the down ramp landing you mention

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    The second and fourth rider in that clip (vdp 5th, TP 6th) seem to have the back wheel come up short of the rock slab which is fairly flattish.


    If you weren’t going fast enough to hit the downslope AND IF the ramp was present, I can see how it would be the quicker and safer for the bike option.

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