Meg Whyte’s Rave-Inspired Mega Makes us Want a Bothie Rave

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The idea for this edit came about because of Meg’s rave inspired Mega. Meg Whyte lives and breathes bikes, and as a racer and bike shop manager, her life revolves around them. Her custom mega was a long time in the making, and she’s stoked on the pink.

The inspiration for the design and consequently the shoot came about from my wild uni party days, we used to have hidden cave raves in nearby slate quarries, and I wanted a bike design that represented that part of my life. Think sticky floors, glow sticks and killer beats. I wanted a something bold and pink (of course) with a retro neon theme. I dropped the idea on Jonny at EliteRefinish, and he brought my vision to life

Meg Whyte
Meg Whyte Nukeproog Mega

The team headed up to the Lake District to film the edit, and hilariously (but probably not for him) there was someone staying in the bothie during filming.

As a part-time Lake District resident, plus having the local legendary tour guide for a partner Adam “Gas to Flat” Brayton, they went out exploring locations that could show Meg’s Mega in its natural habitat. Thanks to Honister Slate Mine for the after hours access and sorry to the poor lad that was also staying in the bothie.

Meg Whyte Nukeproog Mega

Check out more from Meg and her rave Mega on her Instagram.

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