Fresh Goods Friday 558 – Here Comes Summer!

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Finally, it appears that we can wish everyone a great weekend of bike riding in great weather. We appear to have hit the sweet spot between the assorted bonkers weather of the world right now and it looks like this is the weekend to go big – whether that’s that big mountaintop ride, that mates’ ride that finishes with a barbecue, or that long solo trip into the hills to remind yourself how great it can bike riding a bike in the summer time. Whatever it is, we hope you can get out and enjoy things!

Here at Singletrack Remote Towers, we have people heading off on holiday, others rebuilding bikes and others still just trying to perfect the homemade pizza. We have a new issue off to the printers in the next week (it’s due to be delivered early August), which we’re rather proud of, and an issue after that that is already shaping up to be great. In the meantime we have plenty of great online content for you – and a free offer for those of you who want to explore our member features.

It might be that you’re stuck at work, running a power station, or you’re self-isolating, in which case, we’re sorry for being over-enthusiastic at the thought of blue skies. For you, we have a video of animals being cute…

Anyway! On with the Fresh Goods Friday!

Singletrack 20 Year Elliot Brown Watch

elliot brown watch singletrack

elliot brown singletrack watch
Elliot Brown Singletrack Anniversary Watch

You have until midday on the 8th October 2021 to order one of these very special watches.

Twenty years ago Chipps and Mark were making the first copy of Singletrack at a kitchen table, meanwhile the Animal DH race team were making their mark on the scene. Twenty years on, Singletrack is still pumping out the cycling good vibrations, and the Animal watch chaps are now Elliot Brown Watches.

Twenty years is a lot of time, so Elliot Brown are making us a lot of watch. This top end timepiece is not only packed full of quality, but also some rather unique Singletrack features:

  • Your Name: This is your watch, and your very own Singletrack forum username will be engraved on the rear (max 25 characters).
  • Beer O’Clock: Simply spin round the 120 click bezel until our beer bottle lines up with the hour hand to categorically prove it is indeed time for a beer.
  • Easter Eggs“: We have hidden several more unique Singletrack features, they are not easy to find, but they are there if you look.
  • Charity Donation: In memory of late deputy editor, Jenn Hill, we are pleased to be making a 10% donation to St. Gemma’s Hospice.

Privateer 141

This is the new arrival in Hannah’s garage, only as it’s a size P4 (XL) it’s not hers. It’s a Privateer 141 with some non-stock additions of Oury Grips and EXT fork and shock. Really, that’s totally unnecessary, because the stock build with Fox 36 fork, Magic Mary/Hans Dampf tyres, PNW dropper, SLX/XT drive train and Magura brakes is a good spec for the money. And the original grips are a lot less eye hurty.


A gratuitous upgrade if ever there was one, but having loved the EXT Storia shocks, Hannah’s partner wants to see what the ERA fork is like. 150mm of travel thanks to two airsprings and a teeny tiny coil.

Wizard Works Lil Presto! Barrel Bar Bag

This bright and spacious bar bag comes with a water-resistant zip, two outer pockets, a daisy chain on the front for lights, and most importantly -Voile Nano straps for a secure fit. As an optional extra you can order a shoulder strap for taking into the cafe mid-ride. The packaging is eco-friendly, the staff are lovely and helpful, and you’ll be spoilt for choice on colours.

Wizard Works Go-Go Top Tube Bag

Another very secure fit from Wizard Works, this top tube bag comes in two sizes (this is the smaller one) and as an optional extra you can get a top cap accessory for securing the bag. Great for bikes with a low stack height.

Garmin Rally XC200 Power Meter Pedals

Yes, we know… ‘How much?!’. But these dual-sensor pedals are packed full of updated technology and offer both power information and cycling dynamics. They connected to the Garmin first time, calibration took less than a minute and we’ll be doing a full review using road, XC and gravel data. If you think power data from a mountain bike ride is of any use, let us know in the comments!

Nude Coffee Roasters

Nude Coffee Roasters have a great selection of roasts that will pair wonderfully with your new Aeropress. This was a gift on a press event, Amanda is quite excited about the baby-food style oatmeal and is saving it for an emergency.

And that, amazingly, is all we have for you this week. It’s a quiet (or is it busy?) time in the bike industry as everyone is either busy selling out of stock, or trying to get new stuff in to re-fill shelves. We’re sure you’ve found this too if you’ve been trying to buy chains or cassettes recently…

We’ll leave you with a traditional bit of cheery music to see you on with the weekend. Have a good one!

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