Garmin Launches Rally XC Power Meter Pedals

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Today, Garmin is launching a range of clip-in pedals with built-in power meter sensors. There are Look and SPD SL versions for the road but we’ll (mostly) concentrate on the Rally XC, which is the off road version above. The idea of power meter pedals is not new – and in fact, Garmin already makes the Vector clip-in pedals for the road. What is new (and of interest to a small, but probably very interested part of the world) is that the sensors are in the pedal spindles themselves – and those spindles can be swapped between the road version of the pedals and the Rally XC and vice versa.

This means that a rider that trains on the road in the winter (or on a trainer, indoors) can use those same pedal spindles and swap over to the Rally XC bodies for mountain bike race day. If you’re such a multi-media athlete, then it will appeal as the pedals aren’t cheap…

  • Rally RS100 and Rally RS200, designed for road cyclists, introduce compatibility with SHIMANO SPD-SL cleats
  • Rally XC100 and Rally XC200, designed for off-road cyclists, introduce compatibility with SHIMANO SPD cleats
  • Rally RK100 and Rally RK200, designed for road cyclists, maintain compatibility with LOOK KEO cleats

The pedals will look pretty familiar – they take a standard Shimano cleat (though they come with their own) and offer the same double-sided action as a top-end Shimano SPD. There are options for single or dual sensor pedals – the simpler/cheaper version just has a sensor in one pedal and it averages things out to guesstimate the power from both legs. More accurate, more fun and more expensive, are the dual sensor sets which give real-time accuracy on both legs.

The pedals will report to a Garmin head unit (we assume others too, but we have yet to have that confirmed) and it’ll give you average power numbers as well as things like left/right power balance. The fun continues at home when you fire up the Garmin Connect app and you can see things in all sorts of (or far too much) detail – things like time spent sitting/standing, left/right power graphs and power around your routes. The Rally power meters are also compatible with popular indoor training platforms, including the Tacx Training app, Zwift, TrainerRoad and more.

The battery hides behind that metal cap. Garmin has done 11,000 hours of testing on these pedals and reckons they’re pretty well sealed.

The Rally XC pedals, come with long pedal spindles and an optional 2mm washer for fine-tuning the Q-factor (from 53mm to 55mm). The batteries (yes, batteries in pedals, whatever next?) live under a metal cap on the outside end of the pedal and the life is claimed to be 120 hours

Empty ‘conversion kit’ pedal bodies ready for the Garmin axles off your road pedals. Or vice versa.

Available now, the dual-sensing Rally XC pedals range in price from £969.99 to £1,059.99 a pair, while the single-sensing pedals range in price from £569.99 to £619.99. The optional upgrade pedals range in price from £489.99 to £529.99, and the conversion kits range in price from £179.99 to £219.99 (which does seem a lot for an empty pedal body…)

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