Member Discounts… Don’t be fooled.

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Yeah it’s hot and sunny and about 20c in Yorkshire, but please don’t be fooled by this “fools spring”. This will be swiftly followed by the second winter, and the maybe the “spring of deception”, before the third winter stiffly punishes you for foolishly wearing short sleeves. So, with this in mind, shall we just get back to the internet and carry on shopping. Yes, that is just a long-winded way of reminding you that paid up Singletrack Members get some neat discounts on cool stuff. Such as waterproofs, booze and goose down… all things you will need next week.

The Member Discount List:

  • Showerpass Clothing: 20% off.
  • Freewheel: 20% off at Madison’s online shop.
  • North Uist Gin, free mini bottle with every big bottle. (the Bramble and Hedgerow Gin is like turbo Ribena).
  • Singletrack Gift Subscription: Give Singletrack to a friend and get £10 off you super generous move.
  • Guy Martin’s Proper Job Cleaner: 10% off
  • Cotswold Outdoors: 15% off.
  • Polaris Bikewear: 15% off.
  • Sports Pursuit: 10% off.
  • Sixth Element Wheels: 5% off.
  • Yellow Jersey Insurance: 10% off.
  • Asgard Security Sheds: 10% off.
  • Inov-8 Footwear: 20% off all outdoor footwear and clothing
  • The Tonic Tribe: 15% Off the entire Tonic CBD range.
  • Crafty AF: 15% Off CraftyAF alcohol free beer.
  • Komoot: Free Offline Map Region Bundle (worth £8.99).

As you can see from this picture, I have used my Sports Pursuit discount to get some DaKine neck toobs. These seamlessly straddle the barbwire fence of fashion that is spring. On one hand they are floral with a big hint of tropical adventures. On the other hand they stop my ears freezing off, stop the wind lashing my eyeballs with my hair, and are also pretty covid handy. About £6.

charlie sunshine buff

But don’t let me get you down, stay motivated with this inspiring movie about next week’s weather.

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