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Inside Singletrack magazine issue 125

In Singletrack issue 125 we catch up with mtb legend Jez Avery, chat to Steve ‘Peaty’ Peat (another mtb legend 🙂 ), e-bike for a wet weekend in Wales, go behind the scenes at Bike Park Wales and more…

Bike Test Nu Skool 29ers

singletrack magazine issue 125
Nice elbows.

Dean Hersey gets stuck into three distinctive 29ers that span the width of the new (ahem, nu) school of full suspension 29er trail bikes.

A Day In The Life Of…Bike Park Wales

singletrack magazine issue 125
Not enduro fluoro

We just turn up, ride and eat cake, but what does it take to make that happen? Samantha Saskia Dugon goes behind the scenes to reveal the people that make our pay to play fun happen.

E-Bike Weekender

singletrack magazine issue 125
Waterproof batteries?

Chipps spends a wet weekend in Wales on an e-bike. Will life be any more fun with a battery, or is it still a wet weekend in Wales?

Singletrack Issue 125 Classic Ride

Barney goes to the Wye Valley in search of the site of a plane crash, and new legs.

Dumpling Hunting

singletrack magazine issue 125
Dumplings do not run in straight lines

Chipps heads to Italy for a race where he has to hunt dumplings. Does he need a net, or a spear?

Challenging Not Suffering

Often a ‘challenge’ is seen as involving suffering and hardship. Sanny doesn’t think this needs to be the case. He extols the virtues of having a target to aim for, but with some nice comfy parameters, using his own Monro Bagging challenge as an example.

Capital to Coast

singletrack magazine issue 125
Not central London

Max Darkins kick starts his year with an off-road adventure taking him from the centre of London to the fish and chips of Brighton. We know where we’d rather be.

If you nip down to your newsagent or supermarket, your fun will stop there. But if you subscribe or buy your copy from our shop or one of our Premier Dealers, you’ll be able to enjoy the extended entertainment of our Premier Edition, which contains the following additional features:

Pete’s Pros – Steve Pete

singletrack magazine issue 125 steve peat
Who’s he then?

Pete Scullion continues to ride with (or chase after) the professional riders of today. This issue, he’s talking to Steve Peat. You know who he is, right?

Interview: Jez Avery

singletrack magazine issue 125 jez avery
Lots of bedroom walls, right there.

We catch up with legend of the 1990s UK MTB scene ‘Jumping Jez Avery’, and discover that behind the stunt shows and bunny hops, there’s a whole other life.

UK Adventure: Arran, Away From The Obvious

Sanny hops on a boat to Arran to check out the trails that are often overlooked by those going for the big obvious pointy hulk of Goat Fell.


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