Fresh Goods Friday 539 – The Where’d Everybody Go? Edition

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It’s a quiet old day in Singletrack (Virtual) Towers today as several staff are off on well-earned days off and the rest of us are head-down and working towards the weekend and that well-earned beer at the finish line. With the last lot of winter out of the way for the moment, the daffs are coming up, the crocuses are already out on the road to Hebden Bridge and, while there’s no warmth in the air just yet, there’s at least the thought that we’re on the up and up. Springtime, here we come!

While all we want to do is have a ride in shorts and short sleeves that finished at a cafe or beer garden, for now we’re making do with planning for that summer to come, so it’s been a frenzy of shed clearing, bike building and fork servicing here at Singletrack.

Where’s the place that you’re looking forward to visiting the most, once we can move around again? Answers in the comments. For me, in my head, I’m starting with a mountain bike road trip around North Wales and Southern Scotland, followed by some West Country gravel. And then I need to remember where I’ve hidden my passport (no, really) so that I can do some foreign visiting…

Yeti ARC T-Series Frame

The first hint of spring and we’re already thinking about dry trails and light-weight hardtails (well, some of us are…) Fortunately, Chipps has just finished building up this rather splendid Yeti ARC frame, using a journo-spec build of things he robbed off his other test bikes in order to get this one rolling before the first warm day of spring. The Yeti ARC is Yeti’s ‘downcountry’ hardtail, intended to be an all-round, light weight, fast and fun bike. Normally there are ‘T Series’ and C Series’ frames in the Yeti range, but here, Yeti only makes the one model, so the complete bikes from Silverfish all use the ‘Turq’ quality frame as a base. Complete bikes start at £4099 for the C2 build, and rise to £5199 for the T2 build.

The 445mm reach (Med) and 67°/76° numbers had Ross and Andi’s eyebrows raised with their apparent retro-ness, but Chipps doesn’t seem concerned as he was after a light, flickable 29er hardtail. He’s even paid money for it!

Nukeproof Cub Scout 26 Race

If you want a hefty dose of the warm fuzzies, surprise your kid with a new bike. Hannah is still basking in the glow of the hug that came after her youngest squealed ‘it’s got suspension!’. Indeed it does – 120mm of travel on the Manitou Markhor air fork. 26×2.5in Maxxis Minion tyres look just right, and there’s child specific hydraulic brakes from Tektro. A proper mountain bike, for proper mountain biking. Here we come!

Gaye Bykers On Acid at the 100 Club.

Charlie says… Still living in a primitive state of erotic irresponsibility. Another cancelled gig has been resuscitated. Gaye Bykers On Acid. Straight out of LA (Leicester Area) the world’s greatest surf bastard skate psychedelic dance acid thrash band from the 80’s are back. The front man, Mary Byker, once told me he didn’t mountain bike so much now because there had been about four bike murders in his old neighbourhood in Rio in a month! Four people killed for their bikes… bloody hell! Mary has worn a Bikemonger shirt when with Pop Will Eat Itself, and I have sported a Bykers shirt whilst winning the hell out of the start of a Belgique cross race. Tickets are still available. Git down and shake your thang. (Other styles of music, and tights, are available)

Gaye Charlie Byker
Top tip: simply add a school bell to your bike for constant racing encouragement.

Hackney GT ‘Love Wins’ Arm Warmers

Everyone loves tie dye, right?

HackneyGT produces all sorts of bright, urban-inspired gear that isn’t for the shy. These ‘Love wins’ Thermodress arm warmers are ideal for those ‘Will it warm up later?’ rides we’re just on the cusp of looking forward to. They’re fleecy and windproof too, so paired with a similarly rugged short sleeve top, they should be all you need for those spring miles. Assuming you remember riding outdoors…

Öhlins Suspension Service Kits

Öhlins have launched a range of service kits so you can keep top end suspension running like top end suspension. We’ve been sent everything need to service an RXF 36 M.2 and TTX2AIR that we recently tested (read the review here).

The service kits cover everything you need for your fork and shock and are available in pre-set packs specific for the individual fork or shock along with tools for making the job simpler. These range from simple seal replacement packs to air shaft clamps.

To keep our fork and shock running tip top we’ve been sent the following:

  • SKF RXF36 chassis service which includes 4x bump rubbers, 2x foam rings, 2x wiper seals and a new O-ring SAG indicator) – 41.06 EUR
  • 36mm Seal Press – 40.23 EUR
  • TTX 18 Muti Clamp – 81.22 EUR
  •  Öhlins Renep CGLP 220 Air Spring oil 0,6 L – 18.47 EUR
  • Öhlins Renep CGLP 68 Fork Lower leg oil 1L – 28.70EUR
  • Öhlins Renolit SI 410 M Dynamic Grease 225g – 21.97 EUR
  • RXF 36 100 hour Air Spring Service Kit – 26.98 EUR
  • TTX AIR Air Srping Service Kit – 46.92 EUR
  • TTX AIR 8mm Clamp – 81.22 EUR

Brand X Ascend Seatpost – Kids

Hannah bought the Nukeproof Cub Scout for her youngest’s Christmas present and some courier shenanigans meant that it took until now to arrive. As if the excitement of a new bike wasn’t enough, the team at Nukeproof sent a package of upgrades to set Hannah on a path to some very expensive future parenting. But Kid2 is extremely excited so everyone is happy. First up, we have a child specific dropper post! For riders aged 10-14 years old and weighing no more than 40kg. It has 70mm of drop, a nice cable actuated thumb paddle, and fits a 27.2 seat tube.

Nukeproof Urchin Youth Handlebars

Alloy 700x25x31.8mm bars with cool skull decals and available in a range of colours to match the rest of your upgrades.

Nukeproof Urchin Flat Pedals

Super cute child-foot-sized (94×76.5x17mm) alloy pedals with proper replaceable pins and all the features you’d look for in your own grown up flats. There is much excitement about these in Hannah’s household.

Nukeproof Urchin Youth Grips

Completing the blue matchy matchy look, it’s lock on grips with a flange for comfort and hand protection in child size: 115mm long and 30.8mm outer diameter.

Cotic BFE Max

Andi has just got his hands on the new Cotic BFE Max frameset. It takes the original burly hardtail and brings it into the 29er generation running slender steel tubing and Cotic’s signature ‘Longshot’ geometry. This medium example has a reach of 461mm and a seat tube length of just 425mm, just the numbers to make for a playful do-it-all, rag anywhere kind of bike. Andi plans to build this up with a bunch of current test components including some rather exciting top-secret stuff! Watch this space!

Peaty’s Loam Foam

Peaty’s foaming bike cleaner is a favourite of Andi’s because of the thick white foam, cleaning power and the minty fresh scent it leaves after use. In addition, Loam Foam is biodegradable and doesn’t contain any nasty toxic stuff.

Peaty’s Foaming Degreaser

For keeping your drivetrain in tip top condition, Peaty’s foaming degreaser makes an easy job of removing dirt, grease and oil. It’s a non-solvent formula too so is safe to use where more powerful degreasers aren’t.

Silverfish Tea Towel and Sock Guy Socks

Surprise merch from the team at Silverfish. What we have here are a couple of tea towels, one with the usual Silverfish artwork and the other with all the brands available from the distributor along with a pair Silverfish branded Sock Guy socks.

And with that, we’re off to dry the washing up with a tea towel (Hmm… wonder where that idea came from?) and look forlornly at that brand new bike with one eye while the other eyeball works its way through the long list of to-do items.

Happy Friday everyone!

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