Singletrack Organic Tea Towel – Lockdown 2020 Issue 131 Cover


These are in stock now, and there is also a second production run due in mid July. So, please go ahead and order now, and I will get your Lockdown Tea Towel delivered quicker than a greased Peaty, either straight away, or very soon.

In stock

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One-day things will return to almost normal, and whilst washing up in the kitchen you will be reminded of the weird times that were lockdown.

  • Did you get your campervan fixed up?
  • Will your ankle ever be the same again after returning to skateboarding / yoga / running  /heavy duty bedroom gymnastics for the first time in years?
  • Did you maintain the uber fitness you achieved, or simply maintained your new beer belly?
  • Are you now fluent in a foreign language, or did you just learn lots of new swear words?
  • Were you planning on having that baby, and blimey… what are the chances of having sextuplets?


Tech Specs

  • 174gsm weight is nice and weighty
  • 76 x 48cm
  • Organic Cotton, because the planet has enough chemicals already.
  • Made in the UK by people who happen to ride mountain bikes.

Additional information

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions29 × 18 × 2.4 cm


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