What’s Wrong With This Bike Tattoo? (and no, the answer isn’t ‘everything’)

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Ahh, tattoos. At least in 2020 in the UK there should have been a downturn in the frequency of questionable tattoo decision making. And of people from the UK going to Vegas for their impulsive tattoo choices. Isn’t that right, Mark?

mark bike tattoo
Mark has always insisted it’s tax deductable

Anyway, that was just a warm up for your eyes. We’ve spotted this doing the rounds on social media. And then Sharp-Eye-Charlie spotted something that’s wrong with it. We know it’s difficult, but take a closer look.

Spot the ‘deliberate’ mistake?

We’ll give you a clue: there are plenty of components that haven’t been included, so it’s not something missing. It’s not something that could be adjusted either, like the position of those bars. And it’s not a moral judgement over the merits of tattoos, or road bikes. There’s an actual technical wrong thing in there.

Place your answers, actual or comical, in the comments section below. Anyone with a login can swipe the image that will appear below if you’re logged in and find out what Charlie spotted.

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Of course, these days it’s often possible to correct dodgy tattoos so maybe our subject above could pay a visit to the parlour that fixed this.

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