All The Bikes, Many Distractions – Bike Video Round Up

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Close your tabs, loosen the waistband on those elasticated pants, set your chair to recline and chill out for a few minutes. It’s out latest round up of videos from the bike world.

Nukeproof: 9-5 with Lil Robbo

This is going to prompt squeals of ‘don’t ride muddy trails!’ from some quarters. The thing is, if we didn’t ride muddy trails in the UK, we’d get about ten days of riding in all year, and on four of them the ground would be frozen solid. Nukeproof rider ‘Lil’ Robbo shows us that being a pro rider isn’t all just roost and hero dirt. There’s slop too – and that’s not just what he finds in the U bend on his 9-5 life as a plumber.

Commencal Meta Power TR

Greg Williamson finds hero dirt – or hero pine needles, and hero snow – in this advertorial video that just about stays the right side of entertainment.

Riding all the Bikes with Vinny T

Something something not about the bike something something rider that’s on it. Vinny T does his thing on all the bikes, showing us that all bikes are fun if you know what to do with them.

Cannondale Jekyll refurb

The slow TV of the bike world, there’s a distinct lack of swearing in this refurbishment video. Is there such a thing as too much colour coordination? Or is this just a great example of what you can do with an old bike if you put your mind to it?

Brad Simms – Welcome to the Team

Some of us haven’t seen a city, or a skyscraper, in quite a while. Have your self a dose of fun urban riding to remind yourself what concrete looks like.

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