2021 Team News: Remy Métailler Joins Propain

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Well we didn’t expect that! Freerider Remy Metailler joins Propain with a banging launch video!

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Remy Metailler

We are very proud and beyond stoked to announce that Rémy Métailler will ride on PROPAIN Bicycles from now on.

With his insane skills on the bike, he is just a pleasure to watch and the perfect match for PROPAIN. We are very much looking forward working with our new partner, crew member, style god, ambassador and friend in the future and say:

Welcome on Board, Rémy!

Rémy Métailler

Damn it feels good to announce that I am riding for PROPAIN Bicycles from now on! The brand has kept on impressing me more and more over the last few years. The geometries and suspension design are super dialed, and it just makes me want to ride the bikes. When the brand released the Spindrift in mullet set up, I just knew it, PROPAIN was what I wanted to ride for 2021 and beyond. We share the same vision of Mountain Biking and I can’t wait to shred on PROPAIN.

Remy Metailler

We are looking forward to the upcoming projects with Rémy.

Good times ahead!

Cheers PROPAIN Crew

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