The Big Giveaway Week 4 – What Can You Win?

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It’s the final full week of prize giveaways! Don’t get too busy eating turkey or inventing party games over Zoom, make sure you leave time to tune in for all that we have for you this week!

  • Monday 21st – Lezyne Bundle: Digital Pressure Overdrive pump, CNC Tubeless Drive, Tool Insert Kit and Classic Brass Bell
  • Tuesday 22nd – DMR Bundle: V11 pedal, DMR 25th saddle, DMR Deathgrips
  • Wednesday 23rd – Thomson Elite Stem and Elite 35 Handlebar
  • Thursday 24th – Effetto Mariposa Bundle: TyreInvader, Caffelatex, Caffelatex Latex Injector, Caffelatex Tubeless Valve, Vitamina CL, Tappabuco KIT, Caffelatex ZOT Nano, Espresso Doppio
  • Friday 25th – TRP Slate T4 Evo brake and TRP 33 2 piece slotted rotors
  • Saturday 26th – Squire Inigma D-Lock
  • Sunday 27th – TSG Bundle: Scope MIPS helmet, Drop Rain Jacket, Drop Rain Pants

Lezyne Bundle

You could win this Lezyne Digital Pressure Overdrive pump, which can be used as a standard track pump or to give tubeless inflation that extra blast of air. With the workshop taken care of, thoughts turn to out on the trail. Here you’ll be prepared for anything with the Lezyne CNC Tubeless Drive – a pump, CO2 inflator, and tubeless repair all in one. We’ve got the Lezyne Tool Insert Kit to make sure you never leave your multitool at home because it’ll be safely stashed inside your handlebar. And to make your rides go with a ping there’s a Lezyne Classic Brass Bell for friendly trail conflict avoidance.

DMR Bundle


Here we have the new DMR V11 pedal, a composite pedal tested by our Mark. He rates them very highly and likes how well his feet sit on the pedals – so we’re sure you’ll like them too. A DMR 25th saddle celebrates 25 years of DMR and should keep your bottom celebrating in comfort too, while super soft and sticky DMR Deathgrips will keep your hands in contact with the bike without fatigue. All your contact points, covered – time for you to put the power down.

Thomson Bar and Stem

You’ve probably lusted after a Thomson Bar and Stem combo before – some builds come with them as an optional upgrade. With this 800mm wide bar and 35mm stem, you can bring your bike up to date and in line with bike journo fashions with the wide bar short stem combo. These are too nice to contemplate cutting down to make them narrower – they even come with their own pyjamas. Or are they just very nice presentation bags?

Effeto Mariposa Bundle

If you’ve not already gone there, it’s time to go tubeless. We have Effeto TyreInvader tyre inserts to help prevent pinch flats, Caffelatex sealant for inside your tyres and a Caffelatex Latex Injector to help get the sealant in there neatly. Caffelatex Tubeless Valves complete the set up package. For extra puncture protection, add Vitamina CL to the sealant to help seal larger holes. Out on the trail, there’s the Tappabuco Kit for plugging holes, a Caffelatex ZOT Nano to help activate the sealant around hard to seal punctures, and Espresso Doppio for an emergency trailside blast of sealant and air to get you rolling again.

TRP Slate T4 Evo Brakes

Retaining many of the features of the higher priced DH-R brake developed with Aaron Gwin, these Slate T4 Evo brakes are designed for trail riding. They have 4 pistons, tool free reach adjust, and ergonomically shaped levers. You’ll also get a pair of 180mm rotors to go with them. Nice.

Squire Inigma D-Lock

If you’re the sort of person prone to losing keys then this could be the lock for you – it mates with your mobile phone or Apple smart watch, so you can control it by bluetooth. It’s Sold Secure Gold Standard – so it should keep the thieves at bay. At you get to feel like you’re James Bond every time you unlock your bike.

TSG Bundle

We’ve got you covered head to toe with this lot. The Scope MIPS helmet is for your head and brain, the Drop Rain Jacket will keep your body dry, and the Drop Rain Pants will cover your legs. Or, zip the bottoms of the legs off and you’ve got waterproof shorts instead of waterproof trousers – it’s like Eurovision, with more mud! With all the practical details you’re looking for like reflective tabs, taped seams and useful pockets, you’ll really have no excuse not to ride whatever the weather. Sorry.

Make sure you tune in every day to be in with a chance of the daily prizes, plus lots more chances to win the Megasack. For more information on what’s come and how to enter, check out this story.

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