Lockdown 2 Christmas Survival Kit

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In our limited offer Lockdown2 bundle you get everything you need to survive this Christmas in fine style. In one cool hit you get to avoid the colossal ball ache that is Christmas shopping, make your friends and family instantly cool, and also help support us at Singletrack.

You get:

  • Organic ‘Old Van’ Khaki T-shirt.  Keep that for yourself –  far too nice to give away. And hell, you have earnt it. Normally £24.99
  • Lockdown 426er Mug. A lovely and generous 426ml mug, everyone loves tea, so that is one present sorted. Normally £13.99
  • 1000 Piece Lockdown Jigsaw. A thousand pieces of utter frustration* to distract you from the the crappiest Xmas ever. Normally £24.99
  • Lockdown Cover Artwork Tea Towel. Make washing up on Christmas day the highlight of your Christmas with this stunning organic piece of art. Watch the children fight over who will dry up! Normally £12.99
  • Total price normally £76.96

And the best bit is… we have knocked the price on this Christmas Survival Kit for cyclists down to only £59.99. This means that you can look at the tea towel or mug as being effectively free. You have just have made your gran (or whoever you give the tea towel to) super happy for approximately feck all.

*Some people actually like jigsaw puzzles. Hannah** for example. Hannah has a special jigsaw table with giant pull out drawers. It was her idea to make a jigsaw, and you know what, they have been incredibly popular and sold like hot cakes. Singletrack World now totally owns the publishing territory that is known as “Middle Aged Rad”.

**I’m not sure I like them, but I do appreciate their capacity for generation crossing co-operation without any competition. There are no losers at the jigsaw table. And you can do them until you’re quite drunk. – Hannah

What more could you want? How about a catchy theme tune to go with your Christmas shopping. Try this… https://fb.watch/1HRsmljEfv/

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Comments (3)

    Haha Hmmm not sure about that Hannah… my wife and I brought the jigsaw away on a long weekend at the beach. Knew it would be a push to finish spesh with a baby in the background.

    Competitive it most definitely was!!! I totally nailed it 😉

    You know somewhere in England they have the “Beach Jigsaw Champs”… you set up your table and jigsaw at low tide and attempt to complete it before the waves knock your table over.
    Sounds suitably daft… but then if you use a 1000 piece puzzle, and their are 20 teams… that is 20,000 bits of litter for the fish to choke on.

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