The PNW Loam Dropper Post Is Weatherproof, Adjustable AND Colourful

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Today, PNW is launching its new, direct-to-consumer dropper post, the PNW Loam Post. Coming in at US$200/£154*, it offers a lot of benefits for a reasonably low price. AND you can customise it with colours, which is going to be important to some people. Of interest to us Brits, though, is the claim that it’s the best dropper post for cold and wet conditions.

  • (plus VAT, so around £180 plus a lever if you don’t have one)

To make this possible, PNW has taken the experiences of riders in the cold, wet Pacific North West and made a dropper that sounds ideal for UK riders. To do so, it has specced a lower viscosity hydraulic fluid in the internal cartridge and added seals that are made from a temperature-resistant rubber, which stays flexible in the cold.

There are other good sounding things from the new Loam Post. It comes in four different travels: 125, 150, 170 and 200mm and in three diameters: 30.9, 31.6, and 34.9mm. There will also be a calculator on the product page to let you work out what the right length dropper is for you and your bike. And in order to completely fine tune this, there is the same tool-free adjust system as found in the Rainier post that allows for 30mm of travel reduction in 5mm increments. This lets you get the absolute max travel out of your post by using all of the available space between saddle clamp and post collar.

And did we mention the colours? A series of brightly coloured rubber rings will help personalise your post and match your Loam Post to your Loam Lever.

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    If it’s anywhere near as reliable as their older Rainier IR then it’ll be great. It’s been 100% reliable in all weather

    LOVE their posts, customer service is above and beyond too. Had a faulty actuator on my new Rainier – replacement actuator and instructions arrived a few days later all the way from the US!

    looks great and keenly priced but £54 for the lever seems extortionate when the post is only £154

    The post isn’t £154, it’s £154 + vat, at checkout, so a bit over £180, and maybe any duties on top (can’t tell from the website).

    The website suggests for the post / lever / coloured band plus shipping and taxes (estimate) you’re looking at just over £250

    I’ll make that clearer in the copy, vinneh, cheers.
    £54 for a lever isn’t that unusual for some aftermarket levers, b33k34…
    Looking around, a oneup is £42 and the Fox Transfer lever is around £65…

    The bike industry really is taking the piss when something has to be specifically labelled as weatherproof. The amount of unfit crap that gets pushed on us is crazy. Weatherproof should be the absolute minimum we expect from components that are made to operate outside.

    “£54 for a lever”
    But note that as with the post there is VAT and possibly duty to go on top of that figure

    Had the same “how much!?!” argument with myself over the lever doing a build in the summer…ended up just going for it.

    It is a lovely lever.

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