Dropping In – Short Stuff You Should Know

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We bring you a round up of snack sized information from the big wide bike world that we think you might want to know.

Criminalisation of Trespass

As highlighted in Cycling Industry News, there’s only a few days left to try and halt the progress of legislation that will criminalise trespass. At the moment, if you’re riding somewhere other than a sanctioned bike trail, you’re committing a civil offence, but not a criminal one. The criminalisation of trespass as drafted has the potential (arguably unintended consequence, depending on your perspective or political leanings) to impact access to the countryside for mountain bikers in England – just as the Welsh government is looking at increased access, and the Scottish government is promoting the economic benefits of mountain biking. This parliamentary petition has now garnered enough signatures to warrant debate in parliament, but you might still want to add your name to it.

Rock Surfing in California

Here’s a video that’s going to make you think about tyre casings and rim protection. And maybe elbow pads. Strangely, it’s not actually an advert for any of those things. Anyway, these trails look like they’d be fun, if you could avoid ripping bits of either yourself or your bike on them.

Beasts of Burden

If you’re feeling a bit disenchanted about your job, now might not be the time to watch this. It might have you eyeing up shopping baskets, coaster brakes and ripped denims. Or, if you’ve been there, it might make you look back in a ‘I’m glad I did that but I’m glad I’m not doing that now’ kind of way. Well worth half an hour of your time.

Adidas 5.10 Trailcross XT

Amanda has already reviewed the Mid Pro version of these new shoes, the Trailcross XT. They’re designed for flat pedal performance on the bike, but with a ridged grip to the toe and heel for walking. The Trailcross LT is a simpler lower cut shoe version, but this XT model has a closed off mesh cuff design. Similar to the Trailcross Mid Pro, the XT utilises a foam backer in the upper construction for added stability. Additionally, the drain ports found in the Trailcross LT model have been closed on the XT to keep debris out. We’re hoping to have a pair to test soon.

Pedal To Empower

If you like to set yourself a challenge to get out there and try a bit harder, or maybe you’d just like to get people to sponsor you in the name of a good cause, then 12th September is World Bicycle Relief’s big fundraising day. You can set yourself – or your kids – any level of challenge you like. They’re suggesting five different challenge types:

  • Challenge #1: Pedal with Purpose
    • Dedicate your ride to a person or purpose that inspires you
  • Challenge #2: Take the Road Less Traveled
    • Ride a new route for the first time
  • Challenge #3: Spread Joy!
    • Share a #CyclingActofKindness along your ride
  • Challenge #4: Show Gratitude
    • Send an uplifting message to someone in your community
  • Challenge #5: Rest & Reflect
    • Pause. Refuel. Reflect on someone who has helped you to break through barriers in your life.

Go for a ride and feel extra good about it! Information on how to register your effort is here.

Unicycle Bike Packing

Bike packing around the world sounds like it might be OK, if you didn’t have any commitments or responsibilities to worry about, and don’t mind being uncomfortable. Like being a bike messenger, but with more chance of a dose of the squits. Bike packing on a unicycle though? That doesn’t make me go ‘ooh yes, good idea!’. Luckily, Ed Pratt has done it so you don’t have to.

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Socially Distanced Bike Packing Bingo


The Distance‘ is usually a bike packing event that mixes up orienteering or Audax style checkpoints with a bit of festival style camping and frivolity. Our resident grump Jason Miles did it one year and seemed to have (whispers) fun. With restrictions in place this year, the event instead became a virtual one, using a bingo card, Instagram, komoot and, of course, hashtags. It sounds like fun. Perhaps if you’re missing your mates, you could arrange your own version – their bingo card is here if you want to use it.

Right, time to get back to work/wash your hands/check out the latest government U turn. Stay tuned to Singletrackworld.com for more bicycle news, or head to the Forum for chat about important stuff, like how much are pallets worth.

Comments (8)

    I signed the petition, and had a read of the response in full.
    It appears to be aimed more at illegal settlements where damage occurs, rather than riding a cheeky trail. There’s a specific response to trespassing with an intent to reside, rather than affecting current legislation on using rights of way.
    That said, it’s utter b******s that we aren’t following suit with Scotland and the proposed/underway access in Wales. England is awful, and being English is as bad.

    Are the XTs waterproof?

    “It appears to be aimed more at illegal settlements where damage occurs”
    – which isn’t just about travellers. Think about how it affects our right to occupy in protest. Protest against land use causing environmental damage for example.

    Oh man I’d not even thought not that! I was just trying to swerve the doom and gloom of potentially having more restrictions imposed upon us. Excellent point there!

    It’s the main point with this bill. The govt wants to built more and give more powers/ability to industry, while having more powers to remove people from land – remember that home owners only own 5% of the land in the UK, someone owns pretty much every bit of woodland or moor. It’s never been about protecting farmers from an illegal rave encampment.

    And never forget folks, most of that very same land used to be ‘common’ and available for all to use until a bunch of barstweards stole it a couple of hundred years ago and redistributed it via cronyism.

    Ed Pratt, not Tom Pratt.
    All his videos are worth watching – his circumnavigation of the world on unicycle is a proper adventure!

    @Owen Clay Doh! Wonder where I made up Tom?!

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