You’re Grounded! Singletrack Deadline Coffee

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Lockdown makes me feel somewhat like being a teenager who has been grounded by their parents. Yeah sure I am no longer a teenager, but I still have a bike and skateboard, and I was told not to leave the house by an old man who makes little sense to me.

This apparently random observation now seamlessly links into the exciting news that we have grounded the Singletrack Deadline Coffee Beans, by grinding them. (Did you see what we did there?)

Oh yes, you really can’t beat the convenience of a pre-ground coffee. No longer will you have to waste moments every day grinding your beans… we have done all the grinding for you.

What’s more, Singletrack Deadline coffee is not just for drinking, it also makes an awesome cake. I have been supplementing my liquid caffeine with caffeine cake. Are you feeling hungry, and have a free couple of hours? You will find a recipe here.

dealine coffee cake
Caffeine combined with butter and sugar, that has got to be a good move.

Ride faster…

Caffeine has several performance advantages too. It has become apparent that Chipps needs a minimum of two coffees before the morning meeting to prevent the invention of new words. Today’s new word was “grimblings”.

Until quite recently coffee was banned by the Olympic Association in large doses, and is reported to suppress pain messages to your brain. Beyond the well know improvements in alertness, it is also said to potentially delay the depletion of muscle glycogen stores, which is great if you are the kind of cyclist that gives a hoot about glycogen stores. Personally I focus on cake stores, bike stores and ale merchants.

Drink good coffee, ride faster, click the link below.

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