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We’re so excited about the lockdown cover that we’ve created a bunch of new products celebrating its awesomeness, and all the different ways you have got yourselves through the last few months.

I am a great believer that mountain biking is not really about bikes. Let us look at the numbers in our mountain bike lives. Yeah sure there are bikes, at almost exactly one per person on a ride, but there are more friends, more laughs, more pies, and more beers than there are bikes. The bikes are really just the glue that bonds a bunch of good people together. And to be honest, after running a bike shop for over a decade, right now I would rather talk to other mountain bikers about pizza ovens and old van restoration, than the compression rate of thingy.

Artist “Stormstatic” was commissioned by Singletrack art overlord Amanda to create a cover for issue 131, and bloody hell did he deliver! The cover really captures where we are right now. We are so jazzed with this that we have blown the balls off the merch budget and made a bunch of cool things, so not only this artwork, but also this moment in our personal mountain biking history is not lost or forgotten.

Plus, let’s be honest… whose life is not improved with a jigsaw puzzle featuring the near legendary Sudocrem Cat?”

The Actual Lockdown Magazine, Singletrack Issue 131

Lockdown cover issue 131

Obviously the very first thing you’ll be needing is a copy of the magazine itself. Inside there are pictures, and words. You can look at the pictures, read the words, or just sniff the paper.

The Best MTB Tea Towel You’ll Ever Buy

Lockdown cover issue 131

One-day things will return to almost normal, and whilst washing up in the kitchen you will be reminded of the weird times that were lockdown.

  • Did you get your campervan fixed up?
  • Will your ankle ever be the same again after returning to skateboarding / yoga / running  /heavy duty bedroom gymnastics for the first time in years?
  • Did you maintain the uber fitness you achieved, or simply maintained your new beer belly?
  • Are you now fluent in a foreign language, or did you just learn lots of new swear words?
  • Were you planning on having that baby, and blimey… what are the chances of having sextuplets?

Tech Specs

  • 174gsm weight is nice and weighty
  • 76 x 48cm
  • Organic Cotton, because the planet has enough chemicals already.
  • Made in the UK by people who happen to ride mountain bikes.

Expected delivery to ST Towers: 20th June

Upsize Your Brew By 50%

lockdown mug main pic

Graeme, also known as Stormstatic, created the cover for issue 131, and it’s great. A great deal of sketches went into the concept for the cover, and amongst them we have this.

Lockdown was the perfect time to prepare for the next adventure, but all the time not knowing when that would be, or what conditions it would be under. There is a sense of “build it and they will come”, or “Noah diligently built his ark, and low n behold the rain did come like a vicious wet bastard, he cocked up a bit and now we don’t have any unicorns” (approximate quotation). It’s all about having a trust in the cosmic order of things, faith that your efforts will be rewarded.

What’s more, you should always keep a skateboard in your vehicle. “You didn’t stop skateboarding because you got old, You got old because you stopped skateboarding”. Jay Adams 1961-2014.

At 15oz / 426ml these mighty mugs are 50% bigger than standard mugs – for those moments where a regular coffee just isn’t going to cut it. Bigger wheels roll faster, and bigger coffee cups carry more caffeine and make you faster (probably).

Expected delivery to ST Towers: 25th June

The Perfect Recovery Activity: A Jigsaw

Here we have captured the awesome cover artwork from Graeme, aka Stormstatic, in the rather entertaining medium of a jigsaw puzzle. Yes, jigsaw puzzles are so rewarding. Personally I was very pleased with myself to finish another jigsaw in only three weeks when the label on it said “12-24 months”! This one here is 1,000 pieces of jigsaw joy.

Expected delivery to ST Towers: end of August

Women’s Fit Organic Old Van T-Shirt

Issue 131 features a tale of ‘The Van Gals’ converting their van to a home, so it’s fitting that we’ve got this ‘Old Van’ Tee in a women’s fit. The colour is ‘Ecru Neppy Mandarine’, which is kind of flecky.

Expected delivery to ST Towers: 15th June

Unisex Fit Old Van Organic T-Shirt

Because guys can drive too, we’ve also got two Old Van options in a unisex fit. Mid Heather Khaki… kind of flecky, and Anthacite.

Expected delivery to ST Towers: 15th June

Unisex Pizza Oven Organic T-Shirt

A frequent topic of conversation in the Singletrack forum is the noble art of pizza making. I spent several years working as a pizza chef when I was much younger, and you know what? Making things with your hands and making people happy is a very rewarding thing to do. Yeah, the pay was turbo shite, but the satisfaction was high.

I still look forward to making pizzas, pop something classy on the sound system such as George Gershwin, open up a bottle of Chianti and potter away crafting food for friends and family. And let’s be honest, mountain biking is really about eating. Try mountain biking without food, it just doesn’t work.

This fine illustration can be found within the cover artwork of issue 131. A wonderful piece of work capturing lockdown 2020 by Graeme, aka Stormtastic. The colour is Black/Cranberry Heather.

Expected delivery to ST Towers: 15th June

These items are currently on pre-order. Please note the expected delivery dates!

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