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Graeme, also know as Stormstatic, created the cover for issue 131, and it’s great. A great deal of sketches went into the concept for the cover, and amongst them we have this.

What’s more issue 131 features a tale of “the Van Gals” converting their van to a home, so it’s fitting that we have the “Old Van” Tee in a women’s fit.

Lockdown was the perfect time to prepare for the next adventure, but all the time not knowing when that would be, or what conditions it would be under. There is a sense of “build it and they will come”, or “Noah diligently built his ark, and low n behold the rain did come like a vicious wet bastard, he cocked up a bit and now we don’t have any unicorns” (approximate quotation). It’s all about having a trust in the cosmic order of things, faith that your efforts will be rewarded.

What’s more, you should always keep a skateboard in your vehicle. “You didn’t stop skateboarding because you got old, You got old because you stopped skateboarding”. Jay Adams 1961-2014.

Stormstatic says…

“It was a challenge to represent the mountain biking / outdoor adventure community in an urban (at home) setting. What would people who are normally found half way up a mountain or in a forest somewhere get up to when stuck at home and how do I turn that into a cool illustration that will work on the front cover of a bike mag? Luckily there was lots of inspiration from the Singletrack forum and all the likeminded people I’m connected with on Instagram.”

Tech Spec:

  • Organic Cotton
  • The colour is Ecru Neppy Mandarine… kind of flecky.

Size Guide

This is a medium fit ladies T-shirt

Stella Lover – The Iconic Women's T-Shirt singletrack ladies issue 131 cover


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