New and improved Öhlins DH38 m.1 downhill fork can run at 120mm!

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Nope, that isn’t a mistake you can run the Öhlins DH38 m.1 with as little as 120mm or as much as 200mm.

Swedish suspension maker, Öhlins has released an updated version of the race-winning Öhlins DH38 m.1, the same fork that Frenchman Loic Bruni keeps sweeping the DHWC with.

The new and improved fork still uses a twin-tube damper design, but now uses the same piston design as the RXF36 m.2 enduro fork to ensure a consistent damper performance. Öhlins has also moved to a one-way valve control for oil flow, also from the RXF36 m.2, and the DH fork shares the same needle design as the enduro fork for increased adjustability.

Öhlins DH38 m.1
New and improved Öhlins DH38 m.1.

Öhlins say that sharing parts with the RXF36 m.2 means the new DH38 m.1 has improved durability and serviceability, and it also means distributors and stockists don’t need to carry as many spares too.

Updates to the lubrication and grease used in the fork have been made to reduce breakaway and friction for a smoother feeling, and new seal head designs now allow for more oil to be used for further improve lubrication.

Further changes to the Öhlins DH38 m.1 have been made to increase service intervals and also help make the fork even easier to work on at home.

Öhlins DH38 m.1 Updates

  • Improved durability and serviceability, both in terms of construction and because more parts and kits are shared with RXF36 m.2.
  • New construction of ramp up tube to increase durability and minimize service downtime.  
  • Redesigned high-speed and low-speed compression damping adjusters for better click feeling.   
  • Cassette tool interface implementation on both damper and air spring for easier take-down servicing and lower risk of scratching during maintenance
  • Refined one-way valve controlling twin tube oil flow, another design developed from the RXF36 m.2.

Öhlins is offering the for in either 180mm – 200mm options but if you want to you can rebuild the fork with between 120-170mm travel, so if you need a really burly downcountry for this is the one to look at.

Tyre clearance is good for a 29 x 2.8 or 27.5 x 3.0 tyre, and if you want to use this on your Kenevo you can because the DH38 m.1 is eMTB approved.

Öhlins DH38 m.1 Features

  • 180 or 200 mm travel, possible to rebuild to 120-170 mm
  • Compatible maximum tire sizes 29 x 2.8 and 27.5 x 3.0.    
  • Design for 200mm disc 
  • 110mm Boost DH hub standard
  • Floating axle for minimum friction
  • Offset 46/50/54/58.  
  • E-bike approved
  • Cartridge based damper and air spring
  • Race proven setting bank

The cost of the for is £1254.46, and you’ll be able to pick one up from your local dealer or distributor from June.

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