FGF Podcast 505 | Barbed wire hands and Chloe Taylor interview

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This week Hannah grills Amanda about her recent incident with a barbed wire fence before Andi chats to Chloe Taylor about her life as a pro racer under lockdown conditions. Did you know she’s only been riding mountain bikes for 3 years?

chloe taylor bike check
Happy with her new ride!
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Comments (3)

    Let me get this straight. Amanda broke a wall avoiding a collision and didn’t flinch, then rode to work with rusty barbed wire embedded in her hand and didn’t flinch. Hard as nails 🙂
    Really enjoyed the interview with Chloe Taylor and her insights into the EWS. Interesting stuff.

    @brakestoomuch she did nearly faint when she pulled it out though 🙂

    @brakestoomuch I didn’t hit the wall, the truck did! And I have a generous amount of adrenaline in my system that saw me through the remaining 5 minutes to work. You’re right though, I’m hard as nails.

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