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Bike Check: Chloe Taylor’s custom Privateer 161

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Chloe Taylor switches to the Privateer 161 for 2020 and has just completed this race-spec build ready to take on the EWS (whenever that might happen).

Check out the full build below plus excellent photos by Martha Gill.

I received my Privateer 161 just after we went into lockdown in the UK and boy has it brought some joy! I’ve finally got to put the bike to some proper trails since our measures have changed and I was super stoked with how the bike handled with its progressive geometry. I love what the guys at privateer stand for, literally designing race-ready bikes on an affordable budget.  

Chloe Taylor
Bike Check: Chloe Taylor's custom Privateer 161
  • Rider: Chloe Taylor
  • Age: 21
  • Local Trails: Peak District
  • Instagram: chloetaylor_84
  • Sponsors: HUNT wheels, Privateer Bikes, POC,, UK Underfloor Heating, Shimano UK, Fabric, PNW Components, Burgtec, Peaty’s, Five.  

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Bike Check: Chloe Taylor's custom Privateer 161
The Privateer 161 packs 161mm of travel and comes stock with a RockShox SuperDeluxe Ultimate rear shock for £1489 for the frame only or £2989 for a complete bike built up with some really quality kit. Chloe is on a P1 size frame with a 445mm, and a 64 degree head angle.

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