Diversion Diary – A Different Focus

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The news itself has diverted attention away from the virus. There can only be one theme for this week’s round up, and I don’t think you need a bunch of words from me to go with it. Before anyone says anything about keeping politics out of bikes, this isn’t politics, it’s human rights. And anyway you probably stopped reading anything I write long ago if you’re not into politics and bikes.

Learn To Ride Again

Specialized has been much better than many brands at featuring greater diversity in its adverts. And this recent one is about the potential for e-bikes to help get people out of their cars. Good stuff.

Major Taylor

Another advert, but it’s pretty cool. Those early days of track racing were pretty wild and make for good tales. If you want to learn more about Major Taylor, here’s a podcast.

Uncovering The Story Of Cyclist Major Taylor

Why Cycling Media Matters

Serious viewing now – two black cyclists talking over their experiences, and encouraging people to take steps to make change happen, even if you’re scared you’ll get it wrong.

Becoming Ruby

Racing at Revelstoke and having your bike fixed by Hannah Bergemann. I’m not sure Brooklyn Bell needs the alter ego to be any cooler.

Rising From The Ashes

This movie is available on a limited number of streaming platforms, but if you can find a way to watch it I imagine the room will feel very dusty.

Do Better Together

Ayesha McGowan aims to be the first female African-American pro road cyclist and also runs the website A Quick Brown Fox which has a bunch of useful resources on it. I especially like zine on the ‘How to change a puncture’. She doesn’t just ride roads, and she has very very cool bikey tattoos. Amanda might be able to pull tattoos like that off. I’m 41 next week, I should probably lower my fan-girling sights to wearing the same glasses.

Regular readers should anticipate wild swings between excitement and anxiety over the coming weeks, as there is big (good) news: BK has booked his flight. By my calculations, you have five more weeks until the airport denouement rom-com ending of this series. If we don’t make it through the following two week quarantine, I might let you know.

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    It’s always good to have your eyes and mind opened a little wider.

    Five more weeks. Will the season finale be a double header? As much as I enjoy these diaries, let’s hope there’s no need for a second season.

    Seconded. Thing like this are my favourite features

    Thank you for sharing and for listening to your readers! Loved watching the Becoming Ruby film. I hope these conversations and features continue :))

    Liked the Specsh ad until they ride past a power station which is going in reverse! They do know their e-bikes need to be charged up with electricity do they!

    Becoming Ruby, great short film on so many levels and made me want to get my bike out on the local trails even though its grey, cold and miserable outside and its June in Dorset ffs.

    Hannah, Don’t stop writing these weekly features just because the world is returning to some sort of normality. A commentary on world events/news and linking them to cycling in some way is a great idea. I for one really look forward to reading them every week. Of course you may eventually run out of You Tube clips, but by then you will probably be riding a solar powered hover MTB.

    Thanks @Scott_Biles I think I’ll run out of creativity and comment long before I run out of YouTube, but if people enjoy this stuff I’ll see if I can come up with a similar thing once I’m done being lovesick and a bit lonely!

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