Corona Coaster – Canyon Collective’s James Farrar

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EWS film-maker Nico Turner hangs out with Canyon’s James Farrar to see what he’s been doing during lockdown.

Film-maker Nico Turner is usually busy working on the Enduro World Series highlights over the summer and with the season being postponed until late August this offers the perfect opportunity to make some films at home in the UK. 

A new weekly series titled the Corona Coaster takes a look at how professional mountain bikers in the UK are dealing with a season put on hold due to COVID-19. This first episode is with Canyon Collective rider James Farrar who in his own words.. “I just like to put my tyres to the test really..”

The video shows James spending very little time on the ground, and even less time with his bike going forwards in a straight line. It’s making some of us in the office feel rather old. He’s not even wearing specially designed bike clothing, how is that even possible to ride dressed thus? Still, he’s only just down the road from Singletrack Towers, so maybe when it’s not totally irresponsible to break all our bones we should take the gang along to the sweet jumps and learn a few tricks ourselves. The whole office, learning to no foot can can together… wonder if business continuity insurance covers that?

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