Thule Chariot Cross Trailer – For Riding, Running or Skiing With Kids

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Rachel gives the Thule Chariot Cross trailer a long term test, out on the bike, running, walking… but sadly not on the skis!

Ah, the peace, quiet and restorative nature of a solo bike ride, truly one of my favourite things… But I now have a child so it’s peace no more.

So I’ve been thrust into the world of kids’ bike trailers – specifically the Thule Chariot Cross (formerly the Cougar before Thule bought the company out in 2011). The Cross is a “multi-sport” trailer which converts between a stroller/buggy, running buggy/jogger, bike trailer and even a cross country ski trailer. At £850 it doesn’t come cheap but what price for a bike ride and one’s sanity?

Thule Chariot Cross Trailer
Jogging mode


  • Thule Chariot Cross – £850
  • Jogging kit – £120
  • Ski kit – £300
  • Infant sling – £90
  • Extra axle – £55
  • Extra hitch cup – £20
  • Available from: Freewheel, Tredz (£849.99)

The base model comes with bike trailer attachments and stroller wheels. The VersaWing system means you can easily and securely switch parts over and attach them to the trailer for storage. The ski (£300) and jogging kits (£120) are available separately.

Thule Chariot Cross Trailer
I’m just gonna chill out here and suck my thumb…
Thule Chariot Cross Trailer
Stroller mode

As a bike trailer it is recommended for children aged 6 months to 4 years or a maximum weight of 22kg and 111cm height. There’s an infant sling available for babies 1-10 months old but only in stroller / jogging modes (your child should have sufficient head control before you start bumping them along the trails hence the 6 month restriction).

Thule Chariot Cross Trailer
The infant sling – like a hammock in a trailer

The frame is a robust aluminium and plastic construction with a tough fabric back and sides. There are two integrated covers: a zip down mesh and a pull-over plastic waterproof one, and also a separate sunscreen panel.

Suspension comes from the adjustable leaf system and the large rear inflatable tyres which take a 20” inner tube (the front stroller wheels are solid plastic.) If you have the jogging attachment that also has a single 20” inflatable tyre.

Thule Chariot Cross Trailer
“Is it this pocket you’re talking about?”

There is up to 4kg of storage in the large rear pocket and a couple of smaller internal ones for snacks and toys. The padded seat uses a five-point safety belt for your precious cargo and the seat reclines for easy snoozing. The infant sling fits like a hammock above the seat and uses the same safety belt.
The Thule Chariot Cross is available as a single or double seated (Cross 2) version. There’s also a Thule Chariot Lite which doesn’t have external storage or adjustable suspension but is £100 cheaper. As well as the jogging and ski conversions there is also a range of accessories including storage covers, emergency hand brakes and locks.

We’ve (I include the small boy and OH in responsibility for this review) had the single model on test along with a jogging kit and infant sling.

Thule Chariot: The Ride

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Review Info

Product:Chariot Cross
Price:£850, Jogging kit - £120, Infant sling - £90
Tested:by Rachel Sokal, the OH and the boy for 20 months

Comments (3)

    Another good one to recommend is the Tout Terrain Singletrailer – plush suspension and works a treat on singletrack- love ours. Tho 1 kid only.

    Thule do a little bracket that is suitable for BSmart LED lights – but they could make ti easier to use a wider range of std bike lights.

    Also the Chariot Cross Lite is pretty much the same trailer, but lacks recline and the little boot, but it is also lot cheaper and still has suspension.

    Also for both version nice fat Schwalbe Big Apples are a nice upgrade for more comfort.

    Helps to have a much longer mudguard/flap on the towing bike as this helps keep the trailer cleaner and also better protects the mesh/passenger.

    Have a cx2 (double version of yours i think) for 5 years that we got 2nd hand and has done 2 kids through nursery. Now on general transport duties. Bombproof. Regarding rear wheel spray, we used a flap of camping mat in the footwell and flipped it up if it rained to stop them getting road spray.

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