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It seems my rum recipe went down quite well last week, so I delved deeper into my drinks cabinet and made this fine concoction below. The theme this week is not Green Health Sauce, but Rouge Bitter Throat Lube.

I had a craving for an Aperol Spritz last night which saw me open a bottle of Prosecco, something I really don’t like drinking. So I’ve mixed the following:

  • 3 shots Dark rum
  • 2 shots Prosecco
  • 8 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • Juice of 1 lemon
Wrong glass, right choices

It’s a comfortable bitterness with a nice sharpness to it from the lemon. Quite refreshing. Is there a name for this? Surely I haven’t invented a cocktail? And if so… What shall we call it?!

In other news, it’s been another busy week here. Shimano have all of the speeds available in their Deore range, some e-MTB goodies too. We have another quiz to keep you entertained, a tale of misadventure (or misjudgement?) from me, another peek into Hannah’s diary, and lots more. It’s a wonder we have time to make a magazine, but don’t worry! It’s underway and you still have time to subscribe here.

Insta 360 One R Camera Twin Edition

  • Price: £439.95
  • From: Apple

The Insta360 One R is the first modular action camera that you can actually buy. Yes, GoPro has those mods but they aren’t actually on sale yet, so the One R is first.

Andi has been set the Twin Edition of the One R meaning it comes with a 360 camera module and a wide-angle single-lens module. these camera mods plug into the screen section and snap into the battery. The camera is customisable so that you can run the screen on the front or rear, and there is even a Leica camera mod available for it too.

Samyang 18mm F2.8 lens

Samyang 18mm F2.8 lens
Samyang 18mm F2.8 lens

Andi picked up this wider angle lens for shoot photos and videos in confined spaces such as the halls of a busy bike expo or a shoddily made home office. The price has jumped up somewhat since Andi placed his order a few days ago, but on first impressions, it’s a nice lens for when you don’t have much space, or if you want to get your vlog with some nice Bokeh.

Rode Wireless Go Microphone

Rode Wireless Go microphone
Rode Wireless Go microphone

Another addition to Andi’s vlogging kit is this Rode Wireless Go microphone set up. This is an extremely small unit with impressive range and is unbelievably easy to get going with. The kit consists of these 2 small boxes one is the receiver and the other is a transmitter with built-in mic, but there’s the option to plug in and use other microphones.

Max Camera Case

Max camera case
Max camera case

With all this new kit a nice case is required to keep it all safe. This MAX505CAM has an IP67 rating and is designed for marine applications. In theory this case can keep all of Andi’s camera kit safe from harm even at a depth of 1 meter underwater for a period of 30min! We don’t think he’ll be testing that out though.

TruFlo Airstore Pump

This heavy duty track pump can hold 260psi for days on end in the secondary cylinder, perfect for race days. It has a steel handle, aluminium shaft and rubber foot for grip.

Kryptonite Evolution LS D-Lock

A 14mm hardened, extra long steel D. Mmm. It features reinforced internal housing, reinforced sleeve and cylinder, and it comes with three keys – one of which has an LED light for ease of use at night. It is not a remote control, as Amanda sadly discovered.

Kryptonite Kryptoflex 7ft Cable

This is a tough braided steel cable for use with a D-Lock, or padlock. This particular 7ft cable is currently cuddling 5 bikes with room to spare.

Outdoor Tech Kodiak Plus Ultra – 13K Powerbank

This rugged portable charger is waterproof, dirt resistant with a 12,800mAh rechargeable battery inside and a 100 lumen LED light. It conveniently has both USB and lightening sockets for charging.

Park PCS-10.2 Workstand

Working from home means working on your bikes at home too. As we test both mountain bikes and eMTB, Madison has sent Andi a solid and secure Park Tools PCS 10.2 work stand. This is a really solid piece of kit and as it folds up it’s great for home use too.

Kenda Pinner Pro Tyres

kenda pinner pro
Kenda Pinner Pro tyres.

Designed as a fast rolling downhill tyre for Aaron Gwin, the Kenda Pinner Pro launched this week in 2 models. We have the AGC version which is the same casing as we would have seen in the World Cup this year, and Kenda also offer a more lightweight ATC version for trail riders.

Merida Matts Junior 24+

After Eliza Marsh’s bike was nicked after a ride outside her house (the utter, utter bastards), the good people at Merida have stepped in with a review whip for the shorter shredder to tide her over and keep her pedalling.

If you cast your eye over the Junior 24+, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a much bigger machine… This is less of a kids bike than a scaled down grown-up one. An alloy frame and fork, rendered a trifle more comfy by comparatively enormous 2.4in tyres. There’s an eight speed Sunrise cassette, 140mm cranks, a wide (comnparatively) 620mm bar with 20mm rise strapped onto a 60mm stem, and a pair of Tektro hydraulic disk brakes.

A gloriously slack 68 degree head angle might not sounds like much, but when you’re switching straight over from a bike with a whopping 72 degrees of up-front precariousness, it pretty much feels like it’s got long hair, a checked shirt and its own Seattle grunge band. Eliza is looking forward to a spectacularly fecund bout of gnar shralping on this puppy.

And with that, we hope you all enjoy a long weekend if days of the week actually mean anything to you in the current situation. Stay safe, make good choices and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need advice on bike upgrades for when we’re out of this.

I leave you with a remix of one of my guilty pleasure songs. I can’t decide how I feel about the remix… I think I like it:

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