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Shimano boosts eMTB range with BT-E8036 630Wh battery and 12-speed goodies

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Shimano STEPS powered eMTB’s could are set to get a range extension thanks to new BT-E8036 630Wh batteries and 12-speed kit.

You’ve probably already read the news that Shimano’s Deore drivetrain has gone 12-speed, well at the same time as announcing that news, Shimano decided to double up with some fresh eMTB battery and eBike compatible 12-speed goodies.

New BT-E8036 630Wh battery

Owners of Shimano powered bikes will already know that the largest STEPS battery that Shimano offers is a 504Wh unit and that these come in either external or internal types. Because Shimano has an open system though, some brands have worked with 3rd party manufactures to offer more range and power, but now Shimano is offering a larger option of its own.

Shimano BT-E8036 630Wh
Shimano BT-E8036 630Wh

First up is the all-new Shimano BT-E8036, which we eMTB nerds might have guessed is a larger version of the BT-E8035 which launched last year. Like it’s the smaller brother, the BT-E8036 is an integrated battery designed to be installed into the downtube of a frame, but as you may have guessed, it’s a much larger battery.

With 630Wh of power on tap, the BT-E8036 is the largest internal battery that Shimano now offers and matches the size of the batteries that Bosch offers for its eMTB system.

It’s the same size as the 8036 but the 8035L is a faster charging 504wh battery.

What’s really smart though is that Shimano has also released the BT-E8035-L integrated battery alongside the new unit. The BT-E8035-L is a smaller capacity 504Wh battery but has the same dimensions as the BT-E8036 meaning eBikers have the option of running either battery.

Choose the BT-E8035-L for faster charging ( 80% charge in 2.5 hours) and lighter weight, of the new 630Wh BT-E8036 for more range.

630Wh external BT-E8016 battery.

eMTB’s running external battery packs haven’t been forgotten either, as Shimano has also launched the 630Wh BT-E8016 battery. This unit looks a lot like the original STEPs external battery but with its new 630Wh rating it makes the BT-E8016 the largest external battery in the Shimano line-up. Although the BT-E8016 looks like current external Shimano motors, we don’t believe that they are interchangeable as Shimano has mentioned the new batter has an updated fitting port.

All new Shimano batteries are good for 1000 full charge cycles which equal around 19 years of use if you were to charge your battery once a week.

New 12-Speed Shimano Components

SM-CRE80 11 and 12-speed compatible.

It’s not just Deore getting a 12-speed update, Shimano has also released a new 12-speed chainring for its motors. The new CD-EM8000 is compatible with both 11 and 12-speed systems and has been developed to provide increased mud-shedding, perfect for UK riders.

New SC-E5000 display and controller


Last but not least is the Shimano SC-E5000 motor controller with an integrated display. This unit combines both the controller and screen in a single unit and has additional controls for lights that are hooked up to the battery.

We’re assuming that this is more of a commuter unit, but as Shimano STEPS components are all plug and play, it might make an appearance on a few eMTB’s over the next few months too.

Shimano plans to release all of these new products in the Summer of 2020, so keep an eye out for new eMTB’s shipping with larger batteries and updated 12-speed drivetrains.

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