Did You Miss Out On This Cover Story? ‘The Toughest Day Of Our Lives’

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Martin Bissig reveals the video to accompany Gerhard Czerners’ story of the trip to Pakistan that featured on the cover of Singletrack Issue 130.

Singletrack Issue 130 had a cover that caught your attention even more than usual – two riders – Gerhard Czerner and Jakob Breitwieser., sitting with a backdrop of huge mountains, taken through the opening of a tent. It was part of the feature inside called ‘The Toughest Day of Our Lives’, by Gerhard Czerner. If you didn’t get a copy, grab one quick from our shop, as there aren’t many left!

Martin Bissig
Singletrack Magazine Issue 130 cover

Subscribers can also hop on over to our digital edition to read the story – signing up now will give you access to our archive of magazines, which will certainly keep you quietly occupied for quite a while.

Whether you’ve read Gerhard’s story or not, this video he has just released will give you some extra insight into the adventure. There’s barely any bike riding! It’s mostly bike carrying! Yes, you’re allowed to say ‘argh, that looks horrible!’. But, it’s certainly spectacular.

What do you think, would you go to all that effort? Or would you rather just sit comfortably in your armchair and read about other people doing the suffering?

The next magazine, Singletrack Issue 131, is going to be top notch. Loads of interesting stories, a bit of a lockdown twist on a few things, and THAT cover. Yes, the secret one that we’re not showing you!

Just a little teaser

Here’s an idea: take out a Print and Digital subscription now, and you’ll be added to the mailing list to be one of the first to receive Issue 131. You’ll also be able to access that Gerhard Czerner story online as soon as you subscribe, and if you really want a printed copy of it, you can bag it at your newly acquired Subscriber discounted price.

Isn’t that a really good idea? Much better than carrying your bike up and down a mountain!

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    Wow, that was a trek and a half. I visited Karakoram a few years back and it is both beautiful and the people are so welcoming. Def worth a visit

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