Issue 130


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Cover by Martin Bissig

This cover is a shot from the trip that makes ‘The Toughest Day Of Our Lives’ feature, in Pakistan. The pictures are fantastic. The riding is… well, you’ll need to read the story.

The Toughest Day Of Our Lives

The title might be a giveaway. But, think hike-a-bike at altitude, plenty of boulders, and a world away from creature comforts and you might get a hint of what this trip was like. Should they have realised what they were getting into before they set out?

Trail To Train

A UK Adventure – from Glasgow city centre, out to the top of Tinto Hill, and back on a train in time for tea. Maybe. Sanny takes on an ‘it’ll be reet’ ride, with a vague plan, watery winter sun, and a basic grasp of the train timetable.

Never Leave Without

The Singletrack Staff give you a peek inside their ride packs to show you what handy tools come with them on every ride. Their choices reflect their different attitudes to risk, their propensity for breaking things, and their riding styles. Who can fix anything, and who is likely to have a long push home?

Interview: Ash, Orange Bikes

Orange Bikes is just along the road from Singletrack Towers, but with busy schedules you’d be surprised how infrequently we cross paths. Chipps finally catches up with Ash to see where Orange is going, and what Ash has been up to since they last sat down for a cuppa. There’s a lot of talking to be done, about things like why there’s no such thing as a mistake, and why carbon is a terrible thing to make a bike out of.

Pete’s Pros: Ella Connolly

Shaking off the rigours of XC training programs hasn’t slowed Ella Connolly down. In fact, it seems to have sent her skipping happily – and successfully – into the world of enduro. Pete Scullion heads out to find out how this young rider is taking control of her own destiny, from sponsor choice through to intimate knowledge of local cafe opening hours.

Classic Ride – Bennachie

The north of Scotland in the springtime can be a wild place, but just sometimes, a perfect day comes along allowing the locals to show you just how good the riding can be here. Gavin Baxter takes us on a tour.

Bike Test: Race Whips

Maybe you can buy yourself fast? Jason Miles tests out three hardtails designed for racing, all at a price of around £2,500. Which will have you flying past the competition, and which will have you enjoying the speed? Is it possible to do both?

If you nip down to your newsagent or supermarket, your fun will stop there. But if you subscribe or buy your copy from one of our Premier Dealers, you’ll be able to enjoy the extended entertainment of our Premier Edition, which contains the following additional features:

Tour Des Combins

Done the Tour de Mont Blanc? Think that’s all a bit passé? Sanny heads for pastures new with old friends, on the Tour des Combins. Will their route be the right way round, and will their bank balances survive the three day tour?

Lakes of Whisky

From sweaty climbs to frozen descents, muddy slop to snowy slopes, hot tea to smooth whisky. Chipps goes out to earn his dinner, in a classic winter ride of contrasts.

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