FREE Singletrack Magazine Corona Survival Pack

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Perhaps the title is a bit over dramatic but we really do appreciate all the support you have been giving us over the past week and we are going to do our very best to repay you with distractions and entertainment for as long as it takes. That starts now with our Singletrack Issue 129 corona virus download pack.

What we have here is the entire contents of issue 129 which we published early February. It’s here to download as a PDF document to read on any device you like that can open PDFs. We’d recommend opening it in iBooks if you are an iOS device owner, but even your browser should be able to get in to it.

Then we’ve got the eBook versions of issue 129. These are stripped down, mostly text versions of the issue that are compatible with most eBook readers like Kindle. They will also work on phones if you have the Kindle app or as an ebook in iBooks on iOS devices.

There’s also the GPX file for the classic ride although we DO NOT advocate that you install it on your GPS device yet as that would involve travel – Just save that one somewhere safe for when all this blows over.

The Singletrack Corona Survival Pack

To access these files all you need to do is register and login.

We are working on more content packages for you and we’ll publish those soon.

Singletrack Home Delivery Service

Finally, we are offering a home delivery service of the printed mag during the crisis – Yeah, ok that’s just trying to be a bit clever. Subscription copies of Singletrack Issue 130 are scheduled for delivery as normal. It’s going to be a bit harder to find in newsagents as we’ve slashed the newsstand copies in anticipation of not many people venturing to those shops to avoid huge waste and costs. But even though the official cut off date or getting on the mailing lists for issue 130 was Friday, Tom (who handles the database export for the mailing house) has said he’s going to wait until the last minute to run it. That means you have until noon tomorrow (Monday) to get on on the home delivery action. It’s a full bumper issue of 148 pages and will landing with subscribers early next week.

Check out what’s coming in issue 130

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