PUSH Elevensix HD | Shocks Revised, Revamped and Revealed!

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The precursor to the new PUSH Elevensix HD shock already surely fell into the category of dream-bike build kits – will the latest developments make the lust even stronger?

Each PUSH Elevensix shock is built for the bike it will be fitted to, taking account of the particular characteristics of the bike and the rider. Within that set up, you’ll get two settings, again according to your needs. Whether that’s climb/descend, ride/race, natural/bike park comes down to the discussion you’ve had with the folks at PUSH when you place your order.

PUSH Elevensix HD Shock

All of that side of things stays the same, but the new PUSH Elevensix HD shock have some added features. Over to the press release:

The new ELEVENSIX HD model features a Melonite QPQ high strength steel shaft designed to address the unique shaft loads found with fixed yoke mounted rear shocks. The high strength shaft combined with the PUSH motorsport grade spherical bearing frame mount provides the most durable and high performing package available today.

E-MTB Specific

With the ebike market being so important, we shouldn’t be surprised that PUSH is looking to make in-roads here too. Here’s what they have to say about that:

Building on the ELEVENSIX HD package, the new E-MTB specific ELEVENSIX model shocks feature a Melonite QPQ high strength steel shaft, motorsport grade spherical mounts, along with compression and rebound damping characteristics specifically tailored to E-MTBs. These specific tunes provide unmatched small bump sensitivity and traction while supporting the extra mass of the frame with a bottomless feel on the trail.

Elevensix Micro

Now, this is a bit interesting:

Launching exclusively on the Evil Following, the new ELEVENSIX Micro brings the most advanced coil technology to the short travel trail rider. This specific package provides all the same features found in the standard ELEVENSIX, but in a more compact and lightweight design. ELEVENSIX Micro brings traction and big hit control providing an unprecedented experience on a bike with less than 125mm of travel.

As Andi noted the other day, we reckon there’s a new Evil Following coming, and this is surely confirmation. There’s no PUSH equipped Evil Following on the Evil website now. Watch this space?

Speed Sensitive Hydraulic Bottoming Control

PUSH Elevensix HD Shock

Developed in conjunction with the hybrid HyperCoil progressive spring system, the secondary shaft piston provides large increases in compression damping during the last 15% of shock stroke. Say goodbye to harsh bottoming as the new Hydraulic Bottom Out Control allows you to ride harder and go bigger with a smooth and supportive end of stroke feel.

4 Port Symmetrical Progressive Damping Piston

PUSH Elevensix HD Shock

‘The damping piston found in the all new ELEVENSIX features completely redesigned compression and rebound port profiles, providing smoother flow and an increase in damper response leading to a more controlled ride. The new piston assembly also features reconfigured progressive compression and rebound valving stacks providing less damping on small and high frequency bumps, while providing greater damping on larger impacts and g-outs. This new design delivers just the right amount of damping to maximize both comfort and control for the rider.’

Motorsport Grade Spherical Bearing Eyelet Mounts

Decreasing friction directly leads to increases in small bump sensitivity and traction providing a more comfortable ride. PUSH precision-ground and hardened spherical ball bearings eliminate both rotational friction from linkages as well as shaft binding friction caused from flex under load. Quickly realizing that traditional off the shelf bearings were not up to the task, PUSH engineers went to work developing a specific system to address both the harsh riding conditions as well as high loads with unparalleled durability.’

High Volume Low Displacement Reservoir

PUSH Elevensix HD Shock
CAD drawing of the reservoir

‘In order to ensure consistent traction and bump eating performance even on the most demanding descents, the ELEVENSIX features a large volume reservoir and IFP. The large area and unique seal gland design of the IFP allow for minimal movement in high frequency bumps mimicking the low friction characteristic of a bladder system and increasing traction without the negative attributes such as gas migration and bladder deformation from heat.

With the new Hydraulic Bottom Out Control and spherical bearing eyelet mounts, the PUSH Elevensix HD is sounding a little similar to the EXT Storia and EXT Arma. It’ll be interesting to see how they compare in performance on the trail – will the Elevensix HD with its dual settings give that two shocks in one performance that makes it worth the extra cost?

PUSH Elevensix HD Shock
A Hyper Coil

PUSH Elevensix HD Feature Summary

  • RRP: £1,300
  • From: Saddleback / PUSH
  • Available in Standard Eyelet and Trunnion Mount
  • Metric sizes only
  • NEW HD model featuring Melonite QPQ high strength steel shaft
  • NEW Micro model features lightweight compact design (Evil Following)
  • NEW Patented Dual Overhead Compression Valve System with increased range
  • NEW 4 Port symmetrical Progressive Damping Piston
  • NEW Independent Hydraulic Bottom Out Piston
  • NEW Motorsport grade spherical bearing eyelet mounts
  • NEW High-Volume Low-Pressure Reservoir System (90psi)
  • 25 Clicks of External Low-Speed Compression Adjustment
  • 25 Clicks of External High-Speed Compression Adjustment
  • 18 Clicks of External Low Speed Rebound Adjustment
  • Ultralight Hybrid HyperCoil progressive spring system
  • Engineered specifically for each bike’s unique suspension characteristic
  • Motorex 3D Response Technology Oil
  • Manufactured and Hand Assembled by PUSH in Colorado
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