Is this the 2021 Evil Following?

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A single black and white image with no text appears on the Evil Instagram account and fans are going wild! But what is it? Could it be the new Evil Following?

Evil Bike fans woke this morning to a surprise Instagram post showing a new bike obscured by shadow and shown in black and white. The post doesn’t have any text with it leaving fans guessing at what bike their favourite brand is teasing them with. Take a look.

Fans have guessed from Wreckoning to Following, with a few pointing out details of the bike that to back their suggestions up. However, we’re firmly in the latter camp and believe that the photo shows a new Evil Following.

A closer inspection of the photo reveals that the bike has a RockShox Pike on the front, and the rear shock doesn’t have a piggyback, leading us to believe that this will be a new version of the popular 121mm travel trail bike.

Further evidence that this is a new Evil Following is the recent price drop on the current bike. Is Evil clearing some warehouse space?

It’s interesting to see Evil Bikes turn to social media to reveal the teaser, but with Sea Otter recently being cancelled we imagine the company has had to make alternate plans for the launch of this new model.

We’re sure there will be more news to come so keep an eye on this space.

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    If it’s following then it’s not quick enough.

    Indeed, is there a ‘Leading’ or a ‘Leaving Behind’
    Frankly, I’d need an Evil ‘Try and Keep up’

    Well, it’s out there, it came 6th at Crankworks Rotorura, not bad for a supposed Enduro bike taking it to the Downhill crowd, I guess it’s still following.

    There is a prototype wreckoning at crankworx being used for dh with boxers up front. It has the same silhouette

    @chrismac I think we can take a point each as, like you said, same silhouette, but nothing in Pinbikes report about which model it is, although seeing as their photos include bottle bosses on the frame would suggest the Following or that they plan kn using the same frame for both applications but with different frame names?

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