Singletrack Magazine Issue 129 : International Adventure : What’s Zermatt’er With You?

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Emma and Carly head off to a different part of the mountains in their home-made camper. This time, it’s Zermatt and the Matterhorn that are getting all the attention. Only now, Carly does the storytelling…

Words Carly Frame Photography Emma Whitaker

It’s been one whole year of riding my big girl bike. A year that has seen me transcend from seriously considering stabilisers to ‘holy shit! My tyre left the ground! ON PURPOSE!’. 

Initially, bikes were just another way for me to spend more time with my partner, Emma, because living and working together was simply just not adequate. I viewed the handful of Gs I dropped to get a steed able to do 99% of the riding for me as an investment in the future of our sterling relationship. 

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