Singletrack Magazine Issue 129 : Interview : Cedric Gracia

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Andi gets Cedric Gracia to slow down for long enough to spend five minutes answering the questions we ask everyone. 

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Tell us who you are, what do you do and why we should go for a ride with you.

Well, I’m Cedric Gracia. I’m 41 years old. Since I’m born, I’m on the BMX. Switched the BMX with skiing at 12 and started mountain biking at 16. Basically all my life I’ve been an athlete and riding. Just a good way to get out my energy. I guess ADD helped me to be able to ride and make my parents happy, then when I go to bed I’m quiet. Why should you ride with me? Because I think I can teach you a couple of things, have fun and how to have a good time on a mountain and I will tell you tons of stories, part of my life racing and travelling the world.

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