Christmas Countdown Day 11 | Win a Finish Line Bundle!

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It’s time for a good old clean and lube! Enter day 11 of the Christmas Countdown for a chance at winning this Finish Line bundle.

With the weather like it is and us being proper mountain bikers, there’s a good chance that you’re in need of a boatload of bike cleaner and lube, and just look at what we’re giving away today!

Today is day 11 of the Singletrack Christmas Countdown, and while Friday 13th might be typically known as a day of bad luck, we know at least one Singletrack Reader is in for some good luck. has provided us with so much Finish Line product to giveaway that who wins could probably start their own personal bike clean and lube service.

christmas countdown day 11
Win all of this cleaning kit!

This Finish Line Bundle comes with a 1.33-litre bottle of ready to use Finish Line bike cleaner. Simply spray on your bike and rinse off for a super clean finish after each ride.

If the dirt and grime is a little tougher to remove, not to worry, as we also have a complete set of Finish Line professional bike cleaning and detailing brushes to give-away too!

Ensuring your drivetrain is clean there are 6 x bottles of Finish Line degreaser included in the bundle, and to make sure your ride is running as efficiently as can be there’s 8 x bottle of Finish Line Wet lube included!!

As always we have prepared a video for you to watch and there is a question below based on what you’ve seen.

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The winner of Day 10 of the Singletrack Christmas Countdown is:

  • drew

Congratulations! We will be in touch soon to arrange getting your prize to you!

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