Stolen! Ben Deakin's Custom Downhill Bike Stolen!

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Ben Deakin has turned to social media to help retrieve his 2 stolen bikes be on the lookout!

“Professional Opportunist” thieves have struck the home of Ben Deakin’s parents where he had left 2 of his downhill bikes. The two bikes were locked up at the home, and Ben believes that the thieves broke in to take jewellery and other expensive items but came across the bikes too.

ben deakin stolen downhill bikes
Have you seen this bike?

Both of Ben’s stolen bikes are Pivot Phoenix models, one of them his old Phoenix downhill bike in blue with black RockShox Boxxers.

The 2nd, more distinctive bike, is a custom patined Pivot Phoenix in light blue with pink DMR Bikes branding, featuring Fox 40 downhill forks and an assortment of DMR kit.

Please share!!! 🚨🚨STOLEN 🚨🚨 My Present Downhill Bike the only one like this in the world and my Old Downhil Bike have been Stolen!!! I’m absolutely gutted!! Please spread far and wide. I’ll offer a reward to anyone who leads to their return!
Edit- So to fill you guys in I left them locked at my parents house and they have smashed their way into the house stealing my mums jewellery that was left by my gran as well as routing through the house stealing family sentimental pieces and electronics 🤬🤬 I obviously want my bikes back but I do not want anyone to go through the pain my family are going through now!!! This was a professional opportunist gang that got lucky with my bikes!

Ben Deakin

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