National Downhill Series 2020 Dates Announced

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Our #MakingUpTheNumbers team is hard in training, laying down the time in the gym, working on core strength, even running sprints in the local parks. Possibly. They might just be seeing how many pies their core will hold, or racing to catch the last bus home from the pub. But as the dates for the HSBC British National Downhill Championships and National Downhill Series 2020 have been announced, it’s time to up their game, and get ready to take the back of the field by storm.

If the regular #MakingUpTheNumbers race reports have whetted your appetite for Downhill Racing, maybe you’ll want to sign up for some of these dates – or just go along to spectate, soak up the atmosphere, and get George and Binnsy to sign autographs? Here are htat dates you need to get in your calendar.

British National DH
MUTN at Innerleithen this year.

2020 HSBC UK | National Downhill Series:

George hasn’t written a MakingUpTheNumbers report from Caersws, but he says he has ridden it and his main memory ‘is that there’s an 8ft gap within 20 yards of the start line, just where everyone is watching. I’m definitely looking forward to that’. He predicts that Binnsy will do it on the second run, and then the pressure will really be on for George to do it. He will, then he’ll realise it wasn’t that hard after all. ‘Then three runs later I’ll get complacent, fail to give it the respect it deserves, and crash’.

2020 HSBC UK | National Downhill Championships:

Join us next year for another season of fun on the DH track – either in reality or vicariously here and on the Instagram of MakingUpTheNumbers.

What are the National Downhill Series dates for 2020?

Round 1: 18-19 April – Rheola
Round 2: 16-17 May – Fort William (C1)
Round 3: 27-28 June – Llangollen
Round 4: 8-9 August – Innerleithen
Round 5: 26-27 September – Caersws

When is the National Downhill Championship?

11-12 July – Rhyd-y-Felin

What Is #MakingUpTheNumbers?

It’s a Downhill race team set up by George Thompson, which provides regular amusing race reports to Singletrack. They try hard, they have fun, they rarely win anything.

Am I good enough to try racing Downhill?

If you don’t mind coming last, you’re prepared to fall off, and you don’t take things too seriously, why not give it a try?

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