Fresh Goods Friday 474 – The Bikes, Beanies and Extra Kevin Edition

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It’s not even deadline week – you’ve still got time to subscribe before the next issue arrives – but it might be the longest week there has ever been. After a low start, and some lumps and bumps along the way, we might just be ending on a high… not that we’re going to tempt fate. But there are some blue skies above us and it’s Friday. We made it. You made it. Well done. Celebrate with us by reading Fresh Goods Friday 474…

Identiti Mettle RC

Identiti Mettle RC

This beast bypassed the office and went straight to Mr Lake District, James Vincent. And what a happy man he is – even as the rain came at us from all angles, threatening to break all his cameras – he was joyously wheelie-ing and giggling on this. We had a brief ride on the ‘Rust’ coloured version prior to the official launch, but it bore further testing – and for that we’ve got this ‘Navy’ option. But that is far too dull a description for a colour so pretty. Metallic Dolphin?

The bike features 170mm travel front and 160 rear, 27.5in wheels, 500mm reach on a large and all the angles (64.5° 76°) for fun times. Comes in a large (here), medium or a small size.

Ibis Ripley Mk4

Having ridden one at the launch back in April, Chipps decided that he needed the new Ripley in his life. It seems like lots of other people had the same idea as this frame has only just appeared. But the wait looks to have been worthwhile.

This is the Ripley Mk4 (longstanding readers will remember that the original alloy softtail Ripley appeared in issue 3 of the magazine). Since then, though, the Ripley has gone through two other models, both carbon, with a dw-Link and now features all of the modern geometry gubbins that appeared on the company’s RipMo.

Built for 29in wheels up to 2.6in, the Ripley has 66.5°/76° angles and the medium here has a 450mm reach while boasting a super low standover with a 15in/381mm seat tube.

Being a journo long-termer, this’ll doubtless has tasty gear draped over it and we’re looking forward to seeing how it comes out.

Wera Tools Advent Calendar

  • Price: £125, on sale at £41.99
  • From: TF Tuned
Santa came early.

An advent calendar with tools in? OMG. Hannah is delighted that the folks at TF Tuned have realised she is the kind of person who appreciates a good tool. She’s also quite surprised to discover that Wera has been making advent calendars like this for 10 years, and a little disappointed that she’s had to endure years of crap chocolate. Over the course of December Hannah will be delighting in opening the little flaps to reveal the tools within.

Fahzure Freeride AKA Kevin

  • Price: Currently out of stock
  • From: Utah
‘Look more FGF appropriate’

This is our occasional roving American reporter, and Hannah’s imaginary boyfriend. He was due to be here a couple of weeks ago for a month of riding. However those of you who followed his Red Bull Rampage coverage on Instagram may have noticed it came to an abrupt halt. This was down to him breaking his arm, and having to have some metalwork added to his existing collection. So, no riding for him. Luckily for Hannah, the addition of the metalwork means he doesn’t have a plaster cast, so he can still do the dishes.

Nukeproof Nirvana Jacket

This is not just any jacket. This is a waterproof jacket which packs into its own pocket. And, it’s already been tested by Amanda (not this one, we could fit three Amandas in this one), who gave it the Singletrack Recommended seal of approval. But we got this one in for Fahzure Kevin because he was going to do a feature looking at British riding culture. Only now he’s broken, so he’s not. The lovely folks at Nukeproof let him keep ahold of this because he’s still going to need to stay dry, even off the bike. And, Kevin (now we sound like his mum) really wanted a purple jacket – and we think this might be the only men’s purple waterproof jacket there is in the world.

Showers Pass Crosspoint Mountain Waterproof Socks

Kinda desert camo coloured for added cruelty.

Since ActuallyIt’sKevin rides flats, he was sad to learn that there is no such thing as a proper winter boot for flatties. So we thought we’d introduce him to waterproof socks. Which will still come in handy with all the walking he’s going to be doing. These ones are seamless and built of a three layer proprietary construction so that the outside is tough, the middle membrane is waterproof, and the inner layer includes merino wool so it feels good against your skin. As we type, everything on the Showers Pass site is reduced.

Dex Shell Ultra Dri Sports Socks

NB: he’s already in long johns. Wait till it gets cold!

More waterproof socks – because it rains for more than one hour for multiple days in a row, as Mr Freeride is soon to learn. These ones have a slightly lower merino content to the liners, and the waterproofing comes from Dexshell’s own waterproofing technology.

Dex Shell Cuffed Beanie Hat

Looks knitted on the outside, waterproof in the middle.

Since poor Big Kev won’t be riding bikes while he is here this time, he’s going to have to find other ways to fill his time. He thinks (contrary to everyone in the office) that fishing might be a good pastime. This waterproof beanie, made with a fleecy inner lining and knitted outer, might just help him stay warm while he stands around in the rain contemplating his life choices.

Vitus Mythique 29 VR

As Vitus puts it; “The Mythique 27 VR is ready to rock out of the box with a 130mm full suspension alloy frame, boost spacing, and Shimano Deore 10 speed drivetrain. X-Fusion look after the suspension set up, with reliable Shimano MT-401 brakes to give you the confidence to develop your skills.”

It’s a well specced ‘my first suspension’ bike and even comes with decent Schwalbe Magic Mary trail rubber and WTB rims.

This bike is at the lower pricing end of a huge range of Vitus Mythiques. However, none of them come specced with a baby as per Antony’s bike here, you have to add your own.

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What is the travel on the Vitus Mythique 29?

130mm front and rear

Who is Fahzure Freeride

He’s a Utah mountain biker who has written about Red Bull Rampage for Singletrack Magazine

What’s the travel on the Identiti Mettle?

170mm front and 160mm rear

Who are Wera tools?

Makers of top quality hand tools for professional mechanics

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