Manon Carpenter’s “An Ode To The Land” Video with Ben Cathro

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Manon Carpenter’s latest eco video is better viewing and more important than any downhill shredit.

Manon Carpenter decided to stop racing a few years ago, but she hasn’t done with mountain biking and her title sponsor Radon Bikes, still supports her on adventures, explorations, and filming new videos.

This latest video isn’t your typical shredit, but instead a great look at two of the greenest cities in the UK and a test to see as much of Scotland as possible in the greenest possible way.

Featuring epic landscape and a guest appearance form Singletrack Readers Award Nominee, Ben Cathro, this is one video you shouldnt miss.

Scotland is just epic, right? The land of Whisky, Warriors and Haggis is much vaunted, and rightly so. While the mountains don’t share the same sort of numbers as their European cousins, a weather window on the Cullin Ridge will send the hairs upright and make the buttocks clench with equal aplomb as our continental brethren. . In 2018, over 11,200 hectares of woodland were planted in Scotland , of which 3,900 hectares were native broadleaves. In real terms, that means 84% of the UK’s tree planting took place in Scotland. One of the many reason’s (a lot them are too nuanced to go into here) this can happen is due to a low population density, coupled with vast tracts of open, wild spaces. It also has Britain’s two cities with the most green space – Edinburgh and Glasgow, 7 Velo Solutions pump tracks and amazing land access. With this in mind we invited some friends on a journey to see as much of the contrasting cultures of Scotland in six days as we could, get inspired by the landscape at home, avoid flying to some far flung location, use as little single use plastic as possible and all while having a flippin’ mint time. When you add in a former World Champion, a Highlander who is fiercely Scottish, a Geordie who operates at either 100% or flat batteries and some esteemed riders, then there’s sure to be some stories to tell.

Manon Carpenter Interview

We interviewed Manon in the latest issue of Singletrack. Premier members can read the full feature here.

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