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Charlie (former Bikemonger) creates a great gift for cyclists and/or biscuit fans.

Sometimes the hill is not worth the trouble. Wind and rain tear at your Gore-Tex, deep mud foils your efforts, so you decide to get the hell out and find a new hill another day. When this happened to my life… I decided to chuck my job in and sell my bike shop, “successfully complete my marriage”, make myself lighter on my feet and start again somewhere new. And with it being the summer, I should have been setting myself up for an endless summer of bumming around on bikes.

My endless summer ended. This happened initially when I moved to Yorkshire and discovered that Yorkshire does not do summer. It has a sort of warm moist storm season of flood warnings instead. The next thing to foil my cunning slacker bike bum plans was when Singletrack sweet-talked me back to a desk, in an office, sat opposite a gentleman who appears to have not yet saved up for the lenses in his Oakleys. I now do work things with t-shirts n stuff… and here is a work thing I made earlier from organics and a heavy garnish of deception.

So, please take a moment and gaze upon the new Singletrack Subliminal Message T-Shirt!

Singletrack Subliminal Message T-Shirt great gift for cyclists
The triumvirate of life.

You have probably noticed that you are being constantly bombarded by subliminal messages… or have you? Here at Singletrack we want to take this pernicious tool away from the shameless marketing men and use it to remind you of three of the cornerstones of a good life.

We subscribe to quality ethics and principles here at Singletrack Magazine. So quit slobbing around in your crappy old shirt, and get one of these. We have done a proper job on these, sourcing the best cut organic shirts we could find. Perfect in the pub, at the cake shop, or out on a ride.  What’s more we have added four custom hemmed holes to allow you to not only put it on, but so you can also stick your head and arms out of it. Bikes, beers, biscuits… what more do you need?

great gift for cyclists
Product testing at the South Lakes Bike Fest: post bikes, mid beer, squashed my biscuits. Photo credit: Emma Osenton.

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