Would you hit this railway gap on a £2600 enduro bike?

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Watch this rider hit the infamous Pemberton Railway gap in Whistler on the £2600 Patrol 691 enduro bike!

Earlier in the year we visited Bali and tested wallet-friendly enduro bikes from Indonesian brand Patrol. Since we left the sunny island, Patrol has been sending bikes around the world, and over some pretty gnarly looking gaps!

Just watch!

The Patrol 691 flying over the Pemberton Railway gap isn’t some hyper-expensive, Rampage ready freeride machine, but a 160mm travel 29er that costs less than £3000.

We actually test rode the Patrol 691, and while we didn’t jump any volcanoes or gap an airport, we did find that it handled bike park life very well.

Patrol 691
Perhaps the same Patrol 691 as in the video!

Patrol Mountain is hoping to expand into the UK and Europe over the next year, and when converted from USD the 691 starts at just £2600, not at all bad for a 160mm travel enduro bike with 29in wheels, Fox Suspension and a 1 x 12 Shimano SLX drivetrain.

You can read our first impressions of the bike here, but we hope to get hold of one of these Indonesian flying machines for a full review in the coming months.

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Comments (11)

    To be fair, in that scenario, the price tag on the bike would be the least of my concerns.

    Could’ve left the title as “would you hit this railway gap.”
    No, no I wouldn’t.
    On any bike.

    I wouldn’t hit that gap with a tailwind, good thermal and a hanglider.

    Nah, it would have to be worth at least £2700 before I’d attempt it! 🙂

    It’s frustrating that videos never show up on iPhone in Safari, needing to open the page in Chrome, still on iPhone, to get it to work. What’s up with that? Never have this issue anywhere but SingletrackWorld.

    @zerolight it works on Drac’s iPad… 😀

    Yes, I would. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

    I suspect any bike good enough to allow me to jump that feeling safe would cost a tad more than 2.7k. The antigrav/airbags etc cant come cheap.

    I’ve done that on my specialized epic comp hard tail

    “When converted from USD”. As of today (03/09/19) £2600 -> $3142.80. In my experience bike prices in USD don’t follow exchange rates so $1000 bike is a £1000 bike. Hence it will probably end up a £3142.80 bike. Plus further drops in the pound it will be closer to £3200!

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