Fresh Goods Friday 463 – A Little Yellow Tool Every Biker Needs

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We deliver Fresh Goods on time this week, despite being thin on the ground and those of us that are here being distracted by the results for the Singletrack Reader Awards 2019. Have you voted for your favourite products, services, people and places from the past year? If not head over to our voting page and show some love for the people that have kept you on two wheels, or made you enjoy your two wheels more than last year!

Now on with Fresh Goods Friday 463

2FO Clip 2.0 Mountain Bike Shoes

The new version of Specialized’s popular trail shoe now comes as a lighter, faster-drying clip-in version. Designed for their pro downhill racers, these are designed and tested to boost power, increase efficiency, and reduce chance of injury by optimizing hip, knee, and foot alignment. Click here for more info.

Dirtlej Dirtsuit PRO Edition

fresh goods friday 463
Watertight, unless you leave you big red mop hanging out.

An updated design from the original Dirtlej Dirtsuit, now offering more ventilation. The idea of these is simple – more dirt resistance than wearing shorts and a jacket. It’s windproof, waterproof, machine washable and quite robust! (It seems quite heavy, we’ll weigh it for the review). Given that Amanda enjoys riding in the mud and rain more than the dry, she’s perfect for the job of testing this.

BB Primefold S Multitool

fresh goods friday 463
A sturdy, compact multitool

This nice coloured multitool offers 9 chrome plated tools with anodised aluminum side plates. Conveniently there’s an 8mm hex, which you don’t want to be caught without if you travel with your bike and need to remove the pedals at 6am to pack it up for a flight… but let’s not talk about that.

BBB Fullview Sports Glasses

Frameless and not restricting your peripheral vision, these sports glasses come with three lenses to cover you for all lighting. They’re lightweight, come with a sturdy carry case and the lenses are really easy to change.

Long Haul Prolonged Energy Release Food

Natural sports nutrition in two flavours made from blended whole foods with a vegan option. Claiming to offer more sustained energy and taste better than processed foods, these are allergen and processed sugar free.

MTB Slettestrand Women’s Jersey

fresh goods friday 463
Happy memories hanging in the changing room.

Our upcoming issue of Singletrack Magazine will feature riding in a coastal area of Denmark. MTB Slettestrand offer skills coaching, trail building courses, bike rental, biking holidays, and all of the above will be served with a smile and a warm welcome.

Santa Cruz Opinel No.8

fresh goods friday 463
Gifted to our clumsiest staff member. Great.

On a recent adventure, our Amanda received a pocket knife from Jamie Nicholl, ex EWS racer and adventurer who tours the globe visiting people doing good things with bikes. He doesn’t know her history with knives – starting with the lethal lidl bread knife and more recently dropping a pairing knife into her foot when a cuckoo clock made her jump. We’ll put this one somewhere she can’t reach it.

Tick Tweezers

fresh goods friday 463
1g is probably less weight than a well fed tick hanging off your leg

This product isn’t new to the market, but it’s new to some of our staffers’ riding packs. We urge anyone that rides natural (overgrown) trails to make sure they have some of these handy, because there appear to be a heck of a lot more ticks around than normal. What is to blame? Global warming? BREXIT? Whatever it is, this is one of those items you might never need, but you should have just incase.

Diggers and Wackers Catalogue

fresh goods friday 463
Pretty machines!

Imagine jumping into a gondola with total strangers, somehow getting onto the subject of diggers, describing your dream digger, and then discovering the sales manager for that exact brand is sat opposite you. A miracle! So if anyone else has spotted a really nice turquoise digger and thought ‘one day…’ get yourself to Molsons.

Timber! MTB Bells

Deploy your bell as you approach your human trail obstruction and they get a constant ting-a-ling that they can hear from hundreds of metres away. You get to keep your hands where you need them: on the bars, covering the brakes. You then retract it once the trail is clear. Available in two variation: the clamp on, and the band on. The band on is very handy if you have several bikes and want to move the bell between bike.

And you can buy it from us! Right here.

Don’t forget that issue 126 of Singletrack is now on sale and going down a storm with our regulars. Buying it not only pleases our egos but keeps us able to think about what goes in issue 127.

Every copy bought is supporting us here at Singletrack and we appreciate every one of you who buys one.


This week’s playlist is a little short, since a whole bunch of staff appear to have booked something called a ‘day off’. Hopefully they’re not all camping. No, we’re not hoping that at all.

And, finally, here’s this week’s Chain! We’ve added a Lemonheads track this week that we think is appropriate.

If you have a suggestion for our MTBChain playlist then email us or use the hashtag #themtbchain on the socials. We need your reasoning so we can publish your wisdom.

Ta-rah for now folks!

And now for a short film with a really great soundtrack.

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    So that Long Haul stuff is essentially adult baby food? *shudder*

    Nice! I met a few of the guys from Slettestrand at Trans Provence and they were lovely. I also know Jamie nicholls was there visiting them recently. Hope you all had fun!

    I got myself a tick remover card from Blacks, probably heavier, but it just sits with my cards in the wallet, not getting lost, or stabbing stuff like most of the tweezers could.
    And you get a built in magnifying glass.

    @honeybadgerx Well, yes. We have 8 sachets if you find yourself in Todmorden and want to taste it? 😉

    @howsyourdad1 They are very lovely, and so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. It’s worth a visit!

    @ktache …but a magnifying glass means you see their scary little faces?

    Genius bell photo captions (yes I did sing it to myself, in my head, first photo caption, followed by second photo caption).

    And the prize for the worst fresh goods Friday ever…………….

    Goes to last week when there was none, very closely followed by this week.

    Question from a friend – does the waterproof onesie sport a drop seat…? #wildywees

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