New Specialized 2FO 2.0 Clip-in Shoe Launched

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The new version of Specialized’s flagship clip-in trail shoe, now called the 2FO 2.0 is said to be even better than the original, with new materials, greater protection and a bold claim that they’ll dry ‘in under four hours’ – now that’s a claim.

Foot out, flat out…

The new 2FO 2.0 shoes are said to be shipping in the UK right now and will cost £140 a pair. They’ll come in a choice of two colours: Black and Rocket Red.

Grippy rubber and long cleat slots for max burliness
Very red…

The shoes feature enhanced moulded toe protection and an impact foam backing. The upper is fully bonded to the lower to keep the shoe in one piece for the life of the shoe. And laces? Everyone knows that they’re the original ‘infinite adjustment’ foot retention system.

The red version is eye-popping. You’d better be good…

And, as we mentioned above, Specialized has bold claims about how well the 2FO 2.0 shoes handle the wet. It says of them: “…they also dry faster with our XpelTM liner that, even when fully soaked, will dry in under four hours. Riding when it’s wet out can be magic. Putting on wet shoes, however, is not. ”

Perhaps the colour helps them dry?

We’ve asked for some clarification on how the shoes dry out in four hours. Left in the California sun? Sat on a radiator? Probably not at February room temperature in a Scottish bothy while you dry your socks out on your hands… but we’re getting a pair in to try and we’ll let you know.

Obviously, the new 2FO 2.0 will let you do stuff like this…

The new Specialized 2FO 2.0 is certainly a good looking shoe for those who clip in. Whether they live up to the hype and the £140 price tag, we’ll have to see. As we mentioned, there’s a set of them heading our way so we’ll let you know. Especially the ‘drying in four hours’ bit…

Laces, the original ‘infinite adjustment’ system

For more details, the shoes will doubtless be appearing shortly on

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    Available in Remedial Red and Prescription Black. FFS why can’t us clipped riders get some decent looking skate style shoes? All the good colours seem to be saved for the flat riders.

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