PUSH HC97 brings ElevenSix compression technology to your RockShox fork

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Suspension design gurus PUSH has announced the release of the PUSH HC97 compression system kit, an upgrade that promises to bring Elevensix rear shock technology to your fork.

The PUSH HC97 simply replaces the upper compressions assembly of your RockShox Lyrik, Pike, BoXXer RCT3, RC2 Charge 2 and 2.1 for a more refined compression system and more accurate fine tuning.

PUSH HC97 brings ElevenSix compression technology to your RockShox fork
Geeking out yet?

With the PUSH HC97 compression kit installed, riders have 28 clicks of both high and low-speed compression adjustment to dial in. Most importantly though, these adjustments are within a useable range and PUSH promises that riders will be able to feel a change in performance from a single click.

Here’s what Saddleback, the official distributors of PUSH in the UK has to say about the HC97 compression technology;

“Users can simply externally adjust the 28 clicks of both high and low-speed
compression on-the-go to get the precise ride quality they enjoy. Incremental
rebound adjustments are controlled by a parabolic shaped needle which – in contrast to more commonly used cone-shaped needles – make for the smoothest and most consistent transition between clicks. With the narrowed range of adjustment, users are confident that every click will make a difference to their ride.

The shim-less valve design ensures the very best traction, compliance, and control on a wide variety of terrains. An innovative sliding valve seat construction ensures optimal compression at every stage of fork travel, giving users the best ride feel on anything from high-speed, aggressive drops to low-speed technical lines.”

Saddleback has already started shipping the PUSH HC97 compression system kit at £245, for more details head over to the Saddleback website.

PUSH HC97 Key Features

  • ElevenSix compression valve technology for RockShox forks
  • Handcrafted in Colorado, USA
  • Pressure balanced symmetrical flow rate for increased traction and control
  • Shim-less valve design
  • 28 clicks of both high and low compression for fine-grade adjustment
  • Parabolic needle shape for smooth and consistent incremental adjustment
  • Compatible with all Lyrik, Pike and BoXXer RCT3 and RC2 Charger 2 and 2.1 RockShox damper cartridges
  • Perfectly matched with the ACS3 Coil Conversion Kit

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