Singletrack Newsdesk 8: Sea Otter 2019, Myriam Nicole, Hannah’s Hacks and more.

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In this week’s Singletrack Newsdesk we talk Sea Otter 2019, steel e-Bikes, Myriam Nicole, Josh Brycelands prototype Cannondale downhill bike and more.

As usual, we have a video below, but if you prefer to read your news keep scrolling for a written version of Singletrack Newsdesk 8.

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Myriam Nicole Injured


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I was ready to smash it. I was ready to rock it. I was ready to give my best racing with the guuurls! After 6 months training like hell thanks to @nicstraining & @bparietti doing an awesome job with the @commencal_vallnord team my hopes for the full race season are over for now… 🌬I was blown off by the wind mid air whilst training. I landed badly on my foot and it broke and dislocated. 😭After lots of tears, frustration, the team at @cliniquestjean.capsante took care of me and even made me smile before going for surgery. Couldn’t thank my lovely friends who were there to help enough @loicbruni29 @paulhette @peferry @ledieuvincent @malene_degn @victor_koretzky @purple_koz and everyone else that sent messages or came to see me at the clinic. ——————-——————————————————————-J’étais prête, encore plus que jamais pour cette nouvelle saison, et voulais tout donner…. Après 6 mois d’entraînement intensif soigneusement suivi par mes entraîneurs Nics & Bruno, je ressentais les bienfaits de ce travail abouti. Hélas, mes espoirs s’envolent sur un coup de vent… Une rafale violente me fait perdre l’équilibre, je chute lourdement sur le pied, le bilan fait mal : luxation + fracture du pied. Après beaucoup de pleurs et de frustration, les sourires et le professionnalisme du personnel soignant de la clinique Saint Jean à Montpellier m’ont apporté réconfort et énergie. L’opération s’est très bien passée. Je souhaite remercier tout particulièrement ma famille mes amis @gaetruff pour leurs petits soins, leurs messages et leurs visites si importantes & motivantes pour la suite. 💞 @antonioobregonm

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Myriam Nicole of the Commencal Vallnord race team has had a major crash resulting in a broken and dislocated foot. Pom Pom mentions in an Instagram post that she was blown off her bike during training. She has already undergone surgery but obviously won’t be racing the full World Cup Downhill season this year. Get well soon Pom Pom.

Ratboy spotted on the new Cannondale DH bike again

prototype cannondale dh bike
How many shock mounts can you see?

Josh Bryceland has been out testing that rather odd looking Cannondale downhill bike at Revolution Bike Park. We still don’t have clear photos of the bike, but a screenshot from an Instagram story shows the interesting multiple shock mount positions. In previous Newsdesk leaks, we’ve spotted the bike running a hidden shock in the downtube, and have seen other optional shock positions. In this screenshot, it looks like the shock can either be mounted to the downtube or top tube.

Pole Stamina 140 at Sea Otter

pole stamina 140 sea otter 2019
Not the Bushmaster.

Chipps has spent the past week State’s Side soaking up the sun at Sea Otter. While chatting with industry friends he also grabbed a few first looks at upcoming products such as the Pole Stamina 140. Remember that this is the bike that was originally called the Bushmaster, and is one of the first Pole CNC bikes to be bonded, not bolted together. We have full details of this trail bike here, but the main features are 140mm travel, 29in wheels, 64 head angle, 78 seat tube post and a reach of 500mm on a large!

Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride

Bigger forks, chunkier rubber.

The Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride is what you get if you take a stock SB130 and beef up the componentry. Updates to this slightly more aggressive short travel trail bike include a shorter stem a more capable piggyback rear shock and burlier Fox 36 forks. More details here.

Marin full steel e-Bike

An eBike made of steel with 2 batteries, a charger, bags, and fat tyres. How heavy?

How would you make an already heavy bike even heavier? Marin’s idea is to take a hardtail eBike, built it from steel, give it plus sized wheels and hang a load of bags from it. Oh, and for good measure, they’ve plonked a spare Shimano battery and charger in one of those bags. Marin is obviously hoping to attract the bikepacking brigade with this one, but we do wonder how much extra you’ll be able to carry on this rig and what the range will be with all that weight? More here.

Hannah Hacks

Do you have a spongy RockShox Reverb dropper post? Well, Hannah posted a video yesterday showing how you can “fix” the issue without needing any tools. Hannah’s Hack isn’t a permanent fix, but it will sort you out for the short term. Do you think Hannah should make a regular thing out of this? Hannah’s Hacks does have a ring to it.

That’s all for this week’s edition of Singletrack Newsdesk. We’ll be back next week. Enjoy the Easter Weekend.

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