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Happy Friday everyone! Together, we made it!

christmas singletrack staff photo
Merry Christmas from all of us here at Singletrack Towers!

And Happy Christmas Eve-Eve – also known as the day that every member of Singletrack runs around in a state of utterly useless panic realising that they’ve left all of the Christmas shopping to the very last possible minute.

But really, that’s true. So we’ll spare you the anecdotes, because we’re going to keep things brief and get stuck straight in to all of the pre-Christmas treats that have turned up this week in time for the 2nd last edition for 2016 of……FRESH GOODS FRIDAY!

2017 Orange Five Factory

orange five factory fox eagle
The 2017 Orange Five Factory. Yum.

Back in July, Chipps had the chance to get some exclusive first-rides on the brand new 2017 range from Orange Bikes. Well, the new bikes are rolling through production, and we’ve got a gorgeous new Five on test that’s complete with the full-blown Factory build. Schmicko!

orange five factory fox eagle
Neat rubber plugs for the internal frame routing.

An absolute classic of the Orange range, there are few British mountain bikers who wouldn’t have owned or at least had a mate with an Orange Five. The latest version stays true to the original’s simple single pivot design, but brings things up to date with a number of changes. Inspired by the latest Four frameset, the new Five is the burlier brother, with 140mm of rear wheel travel, and room for a 150mm travel fork on the front.

orange five factory fox eagle
Big piggy for the Fox Float X Kashima rear shock. 140mm of travel out back.

The leverage rate out back has changed, with added progression thanks to a lowered shock mount that alters the spring rate through the travel. Being the Factory spec, our test bike comes with a Fox Float X Factory rear shock to suit.

orange five factory fox eagle
Is simple better? Orange thinks so when it comes to suspension pivots.

Same enormous mono-pivot that is the heart and soul of every Orange full suspension bike. Bulletproof and now optimised for single-ring drivetrains.

orange five factory fox eagle
That big one-piece swingarm is locked down with a 148x12mm thru-axle.

Rear hub spacing has updated to the Boost flavour, with a 12mm axle locking down the 148mm wide hub. SRAM 1×12 Eagle adorns this Battleship Grey slugger.

orange five factory fox eagle
Oodles of tyre clearance.

British design and British practicality. Masses of mud clearance for the 2.4in Maxxis High Roller tyres no matter how much gloop you slosh through.

orange five factory fox eagle
Slippery gold Kashima coated stanchions.

You can fit 140-150mm of fork travel on the front of the Five. With a 150mm fork, you’ll get a 66° head tube angle. Other noteworthy numbers include some short 426mm chainstays, and a 20mm bottom bracket drop. Chipps loved the bike he rode back in July, so he’s frothing at the gills to get this one dirty too.

orange five factory fox eagle
Chunky Fox 36 forks aboard the new Five give it a whole lot more ‘oomph’.

Keeping the front end burly is a Fox 36 Float fork, complete with independent high/low speed compression damping and Kashima coated stanchions. Many bells. All the whistles.

orange five factory fox eagle
The Factory spec comes dripping in Hope parts, including the Pro4 hubset.

Boost spacing on the front too, with a lovely Hope Pro4 hubset keeping the Easton ARC30 rims rolling.

orange five factory fox eagle
Golden additions courtesy of Hope Tech.

Hope take on spinning duties for the head tube too, while RaceFace has supplied a lovely CNC machined Atlas stem and carbon SixC handlebars.

orange five factory fox eagle
Top-of-the-line Guide Ultimate deceleration devices from SRAM.

And for the ultimate parts spec, there’s the latest SRAM Guide Ultimate stoppers. When you need more carbon in your life, get carbon brake levers.

orange five factory fox eagle
Lovely stitched Strange saddle of course.

Stealthy dropper post courtesy of the latest RockShox Reverb, and nicely finished off with a gold Hope QR collar, for when you need ALL THE DROP.

orange five factory fox eagle
This is the best looking Orange Five yet. And we can’t wait to get it filthy!

Everyone in the office is in agreement about this one – that Orange Five Factory is one stunning piece of kit. Stay tuned to for the full run down in the near future…

Sixpack-Racing Skywalker Pedals

sixpack flat pedals
Trick CNC machined alloy bodies on the Sixpack Skywalker pedals.

More pedals for an upcoming flat pedal group test. Claimed to weigh just 378 grams per pair, the Skywalker pedals are from Sixpack, and they’ve got a super thin 15mm concave body with 28 replaceable pins, 8 sealed bearings and hollow Cromoly axles. Are these pedals ready to lead the Rebel Alliance?

Dynaplug Racer & Survivor

  • Price: $43.99 USD (Racer) & $19.99 USD (Survivor)
  • From: Dynaplug
dynaplug tyre tubeless repair kit
Purple ano is back!

Chipps loves plugging things, and he loved the original Dynaplug that was recently reviewed in Issue 110 of Singletrack Magazine. We’ve just received a new product from the same gang, which includes this ‘Racer’ kit. It’s basically a double-ender plug, with a big 3-way plug (awesomely titled the ‘Megaplug’!) in one end with the bullet tip for pluggin’ really big holes, and a single plug with a sharp point on the other end for pluggin’ smaller holes. The green thing is a waterproof capsule that you can use for whatever you like, though it’ll also carry the Megaplug.

All the plugs for dealing with pesky flats on your tubeless tyres.

Here’s what comes with the Racer Kit – those bigger plugs are the 3-way ‘Megaplugs’, and the sharp brass tips are the regular plugs. Think of all the holes you could plug with those!

Morgan Blue Professional Kit

morgan blue bike cleaner kit
The full bucket from Morgan Blue. Complete with Christmas decorations.

Feeling dirty? We know we are at this time of year, and we haven’t even got to Aunty May’s awkward Christmas jokes around the family dinner table. To rid yourself of filth, get clean with the Morgan Blue Cycle Care Bucket. It’s got…a bucket…and it’s also packed with other stuff too, including Bike Wash, Chain Cleaner, Race Oil chain lubricant and a handy wash glove and polishing cloth. Give Aunty May a scrub-a-dub with this getup.

Truflo Tio Mountain CO2 Pump

Magic 2-way pump from Truflow.

New pumps from Truflow to get you pumped for the Christmas season! (We’ll be here all we…oh thank the lord, we will NOT be here all week. For all concerned, that is a very, very good thing indeed).

Anywho, back to the pump. So it’s a high-volume pump for mountain bike tyres and it comes with a nifty CO2 thread at the top that’ll allow you to use a CO2 canister instead of your puny arm muscles.

Truflo Mountain CNC Flex Pump

pump truflow
For those who love a flexible head, the Truflo Mountain CNC Flex has got one.

Prefer to go old-school? A straight-up CNC machined alloy pump from Truflow may be more your style, and this little pumper gets an extendable hose to plonk onto your valves. Only 134 grams apparently.

Mucky Nutz Fenders

  • Price: £8.99 (Face Fender),  £10.99 (Face Fender XL),  £8.99 (Gut Fender),  £7.49 (Butt Fender),  £6.49 (R/CX Fender)
  • From: Mucky Nutz 
mucky nutz fenders
Keep your nutz free from mud, and stay visible AT THE SAME TIME.

With Storm Barbara moving in on the UK as a nice little Christmas present for everyone, it’s probably a timely reminder that you may want some fenders on your mountain bike. New Mucky Nutz fenders feature cool-looking reflective detailing on them (that’s the grey strips on each side of the fender). Available to shield your face, gut and butt.

Isla Bikes Greim Pro 700x32c Tyres

isla bikes tyres cyclocross
Gumwalls FTW!

Isla Bikes is extending its product range with a new line of cyclocross tyres. There are tyres available down to itty-bitty 12in diameters, and all the way up to adult-sized 700x32c tyres. We’ve got two pairs of sweet gumwall tyres with the Greim tread pattern. Supple 185tpi casing and made by Vee Tire Co, these look way too good for children, so we’re keeping them to test ourselves.

Isla Bikes Cnoc 16

isla bikes kids children
Adorable tiny-human machine.

Who wants to see a Singletrack Staff office race aboard this?? It’s the 16in wheeled Cnoc from Isla Bikes, and while we wish we were testing it (JUST LOOK AT THAT BLUE), unfortunately this bike will be taken from us by Santa to give to a child somewhere in the UK.

(Was that vague enough Ross??).

Isla Bikes Cnoc 20

isla bikes kids children
Another adorable wagon for slightly bigger small-humans.

Do your children have longer legs and also longer arms and possible a longer torso also? Then they may require a bicycle with slightly larger wheels and in this case the Cnoc 20 uses 20in wheels while also using an alloy frame and a nice singlespeed drivetrain with a chainguard to protect the childs legs from the chain and it also has nice lightweight alloy rims and an alloy cockpit with a comfortable saddle and comfortable grips for the child to hold onto.

isla bikes kids childrens
Unfortunately you need to make children to buy these bikes.

Oh god. Our collective ovaries are humming. THESE ARE SO GODAMN CUTE.

Lake MXZ303 Winter Boots

lake winter boots shoes spd
Winter mountain bike boots, or nightclub wear?

Just like the Roland 303, the Lake MXZ303 is also built for the lows. In this case it isn’t fat, thumping synthesised  bass lines, but rather low temperatures instead. Designed for when hell freezes over, the MXZ303 gets an upper built from Pittards waterproof WR100 leather, 3M Thinsulate lining in the toe box and Thermosol composite insulation insole. Take that winter!

Paul Components Klamper Disc Brakes & Love Levers

  • Price: $183 USD (1 x Klamper calliper), $138 USD (1 x Love lever pair)
  • From: Paul Components
paul components klamper disc brake lever
All teh shiny.

Some shiny goods in time for Christmas courtesy of Californian manufacturer; Paul Components. We’ve got a set of the Klamper mechanical disc brakes as well as a set of Love levers to test, and these will be making their way onto a very special build that you’ll be able to read all about in the upcoming issue of Singletrack Magazine…

Lazer Phoenix+ Full Face Helmet

Lazer full-face helmet
Protection is essential for working at Singletrack Towers.

Brand new colourways have launched for the Lazer Phoenix Plus full face helmet, and we’ve got three different versions to show you just how cool they look. Damn good value at just under £80, and packed with 16 vents to keep you even more cool. Somehow, Lazer has managed to keep these under a kilo too, with a claimed weight of just 980 grams for a Medium lid.

Lazer full-face helmet
This helmet is so tight that Ross is still wearing it 4 days later.

We think Ross may have the X-Small size on in this photo. Speaking of, there are no less than four different sizes available in the Phoenix Plus helmet: X-Small 52-54cm, Small 54-56cm, Medium 56-58 cm, Large 58-60 cm.

Lazer full-face helmet
There is nothing more enduro in the world right now than this photo.

Orange Bikes Beanie Hat

Orange Bikes Hat
Lovely warm beanie from the Orange Bikes crew. Wil looks like he’s about 1/3rd of the way into his first British winter.

Lottie Shaw’s Yorkshire Parkin

Yorkshire Parkin
Ooh yes! Thanks to the lovely chaps at Orange Bikes, we’ve got some bonafide Yorkshire Parkin to fight over in the staff lunchroom – lovely!

Orange Bikes Black Mug

Orange Mug
Coffee shipping containers from our favourite fruit-themed bike brand.

Dee-Dar Peaty’s Push-Ons

Dee Dar Push Ons
Get your Push On’s from Peaty! (His apostrophe…)

Yes, Peaty’s Push Ons ARE ACTUALLY REAL. We’ve reported on them before, but not we’ve got the real deal to push on and pull off to our hearts content. Made from skin-friendly silicone, and available in a wide variety of colours yo.

Dee Dar Push Ons
They’re also ribbed to make them easy to pull off when you need to get access to the valve inside.

Alpinestars Paragon Vest

alpinestars chipps vest hydration back protector
So much man in one photo.

Whoever this hunk might be, he’s donning the latest Paragon Vest from Alpinestars. It’s a mesh vest that comes with a removable back protector, but it also has a sleeve for slipping in a hydration reservoir. Brilliant idea, and uber-enduro.

Now, more importantly, who is this daring meat-monster of a man parading around in our office making everyone swoon with desire??

alpinestars chipps vest hydration back protector
Chipps is rehearsing his upcoming pantomime role.

That would be the one, the only, the infamous; Chipps “Is that too much nipple?” Chippendale. Here he is showing off too much nipple.


  • Price: Priceless
  • From: Rob’s Mum
rob mitchell christmas jumper
All man. All Christmas.

Crayon’s Christmas jumper is not for sale, but it’s so good that we wanted to show you all. And really, any opportunity to gaze upon our wistful Art Director is taken with glee. What. A. Man.

wil cage alpinestars
Uh-oh. Someone has left the cage open. Brace yourself.

Alpinestars Descender 2 Jacket

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
Poetry in motion.

Here’s Wil out of the cage and mid-hair flick. Or is this photo taken on a 90° angle and we’ve fooled you all?

Whatever the case, Wil is wearing a new Descender Waterproof Jacket from Italian brand Alpinestars. Alpinestars has got a new winter range, and you’re about to be bombarded with a whole bunch of it, along with sexually confusing images of Wil.

Alpinestars MTB Tech Top S/S Base Layer

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
What has Wil just stepped in?

This is a base layer called the MTB Tech Short Sleeve. It’s designed to be worn underneath other things, so normally you wouldn’t have to see it at all, but Wil insisted.

Alpinestars All Mountain 2 Pants

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
Dancing pants that are also apparently for cycling too.

Pants for line dancing and riding. These are the ‘All Mountain’ pants, and they’re built from a stretchy water resistant fabric, with elasticated panels on the thighs for when you need to bust out a mid-trail jig.

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
Zippered thigh vents and a zippered fly that Wil has kindly offered to demonstrate.

wil strip

This looks a little too natural for our liking.

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
Wil ponders how yet again, he has ended up wearing minimal clothing in a public laneway.

Alpinestars Slopestyle Shirt

Much smarter – how’s this flanny top from Alpinestars?

Thankfully, we found some more clothes for creep-boy to put on. Here’s a rather dapper long sleeve flannel jersey from Alpinestars that’s designed for warmth. Spiffing!

There’s a red one too, and its made from lovely thick cotton wool with a windproof membrane for cold weather protection.
“OH MY GOD – IT’S A WATERPROOF POCKET!!” It takes little to amuse our Antipodean friend.

Alpinestars Pathfinder Shorts

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
Dancing shorts this time? Actually, we’re not sure what Wil’s doing.

Colourful new baggy shorts from Alpinestars in the form of the Pathfinder. Available in Red, Blue, Black, Bright Yellow, and Blue/Black. The red really goes well with Wil’s newly tanned legs.

wil glove
What’s Wil afraid of?
alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
…it’s…it’s…a possessed glove?

Alpinestars F-Lite Gloves

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
Swagger for dayz. The gloves we mean.

Now that Wil is possessed by the John Travolta glove-demon, he’s picked up all new dance moves. Here he is getting funky with a set of Alpinestars F-Lite gloves. Uber-thin and mesh backed for the breathing of your hands.

Alpinestars Winter Socks

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
Mis-matched socks is a way to anger the cycling gods. Don’t make the same mistake as Wil. He’s an idiot.

Slightly thicker socks from Alpinestars, these are the new MTB Winter socks. Built from lightweight Thermolite® material, they promise tootsie-warming properties without being super thick. Also available in matching pairs for normal people.

Alpinestars Outrider WR Shorts

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
But dem shorts! Water resistant and tougher for when your dance moves don’t go according to plan.

More durable than the Pathfinder shorts, the Outrider shorts are slightly longer and also feature a water resistant treatment to shield you from spray and gloop. There’s a waterproof pouch Available in lots o’ colours, you can also get these with a padded liner too.

Alpinestars Totem 3/4 Jersey

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
With Christmas just days away, it’s time to start rehearsing your Dad Dance!

Looks like the John Travolta glove-demon has vacated Wil’s pasty body, as his movements have reverted back to the default ‘Dad Dance’. Here’s Wil showing off the Totem 3/4 jersey, which is a nice and lightweight number with moisture-wicking fabric and a casual cut.

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil

Also available in other colours, including this grey version that we thought looked cool prior to Wil wearing it.

Alpinestars Paragon Elbow Pads

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
We like this pose a lot better.

Lightweight padding in the form of the Paragon Elbow pads, which should protect your bony elbows from being whacked on trees and rocks when you take a tumble. Also good for protecting us from Wil’s face.

Alpinestars Paragon Knee Pads

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
Bendy knee pads for those who have knees.

And the matching Paragon knee pads, which use an articulated strata foam pad to aid pedalling movement. Full mesh sleeve construction for easy on/off manoeuvres.

Alpinestars Milestone WP Jacket

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
“What do you mean I went too far?”

The Milestone 2 is Alpinestars latest softshell jacket, and it comes with a hood, a full-length zipper and windproof fabric construction. It’s also got a lovely fleece lining for warmth, and it’s adjustable in the waist with a stretchy cord, and each cuff has velcro rip-stick tabs to cinch ’em down.

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
Wil just heard about Storm Barbara. Good thing he’s got that warm Milestone jacket.

Alpinestars Nimbus Drystar® Gloves

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
Yes, you will need waterproof gloves.

Also warm and winter-y is the latest Nimbus glove from Alpinestars. These guys are packed full of insulation, and they’re also laced with a proper waterproof membrane to keep your digits snug as a bug in a rug.

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
No comment.

Alpinestars F-Lite Gloves

alpinestars jacket winter waterproof shorts pants trousers socks wil
Back in the cage with you!

Alright team, that’s it from us today. It’s the Friday before Christmas, and there is much food to eat and beer to drink to expand our stomachs in time for the actual Christmas festivities.

We hope you are enjoying yourself a festive end to 2016, and that you have all of the riding plans in place for the coming weeks. We’ve got a few days off ourselves, though chances are that’ll be filled by turkey and sherry hangovers.

Until next week, Merry Christmas all, and Happy Riding!

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