Indiegogo Campaign For the Scurra 2 Now Live

by Andi Sykes 3

Singletrack regulars will be no stranger to the Scurra 2, an Enduro bike made in Europe featuring a linkage driven front suspension system. We’ve reported on it various times and now the company behind the project finally wants to get the bike into production.

Xoiox, the company behind Scurra (which means Joker in Latin by the way), say they have been working on the development of the Scurra 2 for 3 years resulting in a 7-inch travel Enduro bike with the “revolutionary TRELEVER” suspension system.

scurra 2
The various stages of the Scurra development

TRELEVER is basically a linkage driven parallelogram fork with its shock mounted in the main frame of the bike, next to a 2nd shock for the rear suspension. In Xoiox’s own tests they claim their suspension system is 20% more effective than the best telescopic forks on the market which they believe will make the rider 10% faster (hmmmmm….).

Those extra tubes, links and the use of dual shocks in the main frame results in a rather odd looking frame that can be built up as a complete bike for around 30.5lb (for a size M bike).

scurra 2
Kind of looks like a praying mantis doesn’t it?

All that extra engineering for the EU built bike also means quite an expensive complete bike of $8100 (or frame only at $4050), but you won’t be able to buy online or in store yet and the only way to get one is through their Indiegogo funding page.

Xoiox is hoping to raise $220,000 in total to get the Scurra 2 into full production and is offering backers various perks from T-shirts to special edition Gold frames.

The project only went live a few hours ago and at the time of writing it’s only found one backer of just $1. For more information on the bike and the development of the project watch the video below (can’t see the video? Click here).

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  1. checks date… Nope, wrong Christian calendar event!

    On a serious note – any clue as to the weight penalty? Presumably that accounts for the 10% speed gain from a 20% efficiency gain (and then some??)!

  2. I think Andi want’s to check his apostrophes.

  3. All those linkages vs British weather… be a nightmare to clean over a normal fork system

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