Pairs Enduro Racing

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Do you love mountain biking? Do you dig exploring rugged alpine singletrack? What if you could do both of those things, while riding with a buddy of yours – sounds pretty good hey?

Well, that’s exactly what Enduro2 is all about. Scheduled for the start of July in 2017, the Enduro2 event will be held high up in the mountains of Les Arcs in France. It’s pairs racing, and it involves you and a mate taking on 15 timed stages with over 12,000m of vertical descending. Hubba-hubba!

enduro pairs racing les arcs enduro france pairs mountain alpine
Mountains? Check. Riding buddy? Check. Rugged untouched singletrack for you to get all hot and sweaty over? Check. Photo: Michael Kirkman.

Put on by the same people who run the Trans-Savoie (that’s trailAddiction), the Enduro2 event is less targeted towards the hardcore racers, and more towards the everyday riders who are looking for a fun event to enjoy with their mates. As for the riding itself, it’s a combination of machine-built Bike Park terrain, along with ancient hiking trails and rugged natural singletrack. If the prospect is getting you foaming at the gills, then check out the full press release below from trailAddiction, and get the 2017 calendar and the pencil out!

enduro pairs racing les arcs enduro france pairs mountain alpine
No enduro-hugs allowed. Only fist pumping. Photo: Michael Kirkman.

Press Release: Enduro2

Registration opens at 18:00 GMT on 1st December (2016) for Les Arcs Enduro2 powered by Stages Cycling, the 3-day event that delivers lift-assisted racing in teams of two. Last June’s sell-out mega sociable race was hailed as the ‘Funnest Event of the Year’ by competitors and journalists from all over Europe, and 2017 is set to be better than ever. For riders that can’t get enough of this unique pairs-format racing, a sister event, Davos Enduro2, is also launching in Switzerland next September. Full details are available on the Enduro2 website.

enduro pairs racing les arcs enduro france pairs mountain alpine
Repenting some trail sins? Photo: Michael Kirkman.

One of the finest all-round mountain biking destinations in the world, Les Arcs, is again the hosting the event, which officially launches the resort’s MTB season. The weekend of good times and high fives is powered by Stages Cycling, with support from Fox Racing Shox and Yeti Cycles.

enduro pairs racing les arcs enduro france pairs mountain alpine
ERMAGHERD. Photo: Michael Kirkman.

It’s hard to believe it’s going to be the third Enduro2 already. It’s always the most fun weekend of the year and it makes us all so happy to see how stoked the competitors are on the trails, and the great atmosphere. Next year we’ll be making even more of the brilliant after-party vibe at Charly’s Factory each evening with some special DJs and other entertainment lined up. Les Arcs is really stepping up it’s MTB programme too each year with more flowing machine-built trails to play on, so the tracks will be funner than ever, and we’re so proud to be at the heart of it,” says Ali from TrailAddiction who have been guiding in the valley for 14 years.

enduro pairs racing les arcs enduro france pairs
Got a riding buddy in mind for the Enduro2 event? Photo: Michael Kirkman.

One of the Les Arcs area’s best assets is a lift system that’s super-efficient for bikers, so the long riding weekend guarantees a massive amount of brilliant riding. The Amazing Singletrack ranges from breathtaking high Alpine scenery through mature pine forests to the valley floor with a huge 2,000m+ vertical drop. Enduro2 races mostly-natural terrain and gives you some massive 20min+ runs and more loam than you’d believe. Don’t take our word for it – ask anyone that raced or read the multiple magazine and website write ups – the racing-in-pairs format really brings an extra dimension with competitors telling us Enduro2 was one of the best things they’d ever done on two wheels.

enduro pairs racing les arcs enduro france pairs mountain alpine
This is not England. Photo: Michael Kirkman.

Enduro2 is raced ‘blind’, and blends state-of-the-art machine built Bike Park terrain with a mind-boggling quantity of secret paths and ancient hiking trails. 15 timed stages take in over 12,000m of vertical descending and Ali explains, “Pairs-racing is an ideal format for experienced riders who don’t usually race. Enduro2 is all about coming to the Alps and having fun with mates on some of the best trails around. We’ve already got the Trans-Savoie for the hardcore riders who are looking for an epic challenge of a lifetime, so this weekend is all about having a laugh and sharing good times. For most of our riders, even the winners, it really doesn’t matter much who takes the podium in the end.

enduro pairs racing les arcs enduro france pairs mountain alpine
Winning moistness. Photo: Michael Kirkman.

Essential Info:

  • Les Arcs Enduro2 runs from Saturday 1st July to Monday 3rd July 2017
  • Entry price is 325 GBP / 399 Euros per team of 2 riders
  • Sign-up is online from 1st December through the trailAddiction website
  • On-site hotel options, a campervan pitch for the weekend, and airport transfers can be booked separately at promotional prices with a confirmed entry
BRAAAAAP! Photo: Michael Kirkman.

So if you want to claim one of the limited spots for the 2017 Enduro2 event and enjoy yourself a mountain bike trip of a lifetime, then get that clicking finger of yours at the ready to hit GO! on the trailAddiction website. And if you’ve got some riding buddies that you need to convince to get on board for the ultimate French Alpine road trip, then share them this video – it guarantee it has a 100% success rate.

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