Watch: Fabio Wibmer’s Christmas Gift To Vertigo Sufferers

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Fabio Wibmer isn’t one to shy away from the camera. Last year he shot a video that combined trials, downhill and slopestyle into a one take Police chase escapade, and more recently he made a bit of a splash for taking an old shopping bike for a spin downhill.

This week he’s best known for frightening the He-Bee-Gee-Bee’s out of the entire Singletrack office with his latest video!

At the time of writing the video titled “Bike Balancing 200m High-up” has been watched almost 500,000 times in only 2 days, and we’re sure 499,99 of those people all cringed and looked away once they realised just how high-up that actually is!

What’s more impressive is the fact that this video doesn’t have the same level of production as Fabio’s previous videos, meaning he just popped out for a ride and thought “Huh, I think I’ll ride along that rickety fence above that dam for a little bit”. Oh, and to really spice things up just check out the wind at 2:20 and take into account it looks pretty icy out too…. Super, duper, scary!

Watch the lunacy below (or here if you can’t see the video), and please please please don’t attempt anything like this yourself.

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