Video: We Answer Your E-MTB Questions!

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E-Bikes. They’re a controversial topic, and especially when it comes to off-road e-bikes, or e-MTBs for short. It seems that some people love them, and some people love to hate them. But whether we like it or not, it is currently one of the fastest growing genres of mountain bikes right now.

focus jam emtb ebike nice france rocky dry dusty pike rockshox steps shimano e8000 motor battery electronic pedal assist
The new Focus JAM² represents a significant evolution in the world of e-MTBs. Photo: Christophe Laue.

Last week, Wil went to the south of France to ride the brand new JAM² from Focus Bikes. You can checkout his introduction video about the new Focus JAM², and you can also read his in-depth first ride article here. During the press launch, Wil also had the opportunity to speak with the E-MTB Product Manager at Focus Bikes, Alex Glink.

As part of the Q&A, Wil took the opportunity to put forward some of the questions you submitted to us via Facebook, and you can hear Alex’s responses in this video below. Still got questions about the new Focus JAM² or e-MTBs in general? Then submit them in the comments section below, and we’ll do our best to answer them as soon as we can!

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    Shame i missed the FB post abut the potential questions. I would have come up with some lovely juicy questions….

    It’s not too late @boltonjon!

    What questions did you have?
    Both Alex from Focus and myself will do our best to answer them for you as soon as we can!


    My concern about most e-mtbs is one of how long are the spares going to be available? For instance an integrated battery looks good but what happens in four years time when the original manufacturer has moved on to something new ? The same can be said about the motors, just try buying a drive cog for a ten year old Giant Lafree.

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