Video: The New Focus JAM²

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As you may have read already, Focus has just launched the brand new JAM². It’s a 140mm travel full suspension mountain bike that’s based on the existing JAM platform, and it looks very similar. With the new JAM² model however, Focus has integrated a custom Li-Ion battery into the downtube of the JAM, and paired it with the brand new STEPS E8000 system from Shimano. With the assistance of a 250W motor and multiple modes to choose from, Focus believes the new JAM² allows you to pack in more trails and more fun, in the same amount of ride time. Big claims indeed.

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e-MTB’s often struggle in the aesthetics stakes. The Focus JAM² on the other hand, actually looks pretty darn sleek.

During the launch of the Focus JAM² in Frejus in the south of France, I had the chance to ride one of the new pedal-assisted trail bikes. While I’ve been somewhat ambivalent about e-MTB’s for the most part, my ride on the JAM² provided me with two firsts. It was my first experience with the new Shimano STEPS E8000 system, and it was also my first experience on an e-MTB that actually handled like a normal mountain bike. Seriously.

Want to know what Focus has done differently? Then check out this video below on the new JAM².

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    I think the fact that you can get to the top of a hill and have some energy left to enjoy the downhill has to be a good thing, not sure it will improve the fitness!

    Isn’t 250 the max for a bike rocketdog?

    That’s correct @dangerourbrain.

    E-MTB’s are limited to 250W motors and a top speed of 25 km/h. Anything higher than that, and the motor tops out, so you’re on pedal-power alone beyond that point.

    There are more powerful and faster electric bikes available, but that is a different category altogether. Those bikes are often urban-style bikes that require a full-face motorbike license, registration and a license too.

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